Everything with Fries

Ok, as promised, I will do individual post for the 10 places I've been to for food trail. In case you guys haven't read my food trail post, read it here.

The first stop was Everything with Fries. To be honest, I got confused with Best Fries Forever lol. I was pretty excited for the food trail cause I thought I will be going to BFF to eat. Nevertheless, I was still excited for EwF. THEY ALL HAVE FRIES YAY.
The One Egg Soup $6.90
I've talked about it on the food trail post (so go read it now now now). It's basically made from an egg only, as seen from the name of this dish. I like the fluffy egg on top (think they fried it?!) not so much on the creamy egg though. But overall it's a not bad experience.
Skinny wings $6.90
I have no idea why they want to separate the wings into two so basically you're eating only one side of the wings and don't you just feel skinny after eating it as compared to the usual one whole wings? Ok, got to admit this is nice.
Wild NZ King Salmon $18.90
(with garlic fries)
This is the dish that you MUST TRY!! The salmon is  so soft and nice that it just melts in my mouth!! *going all crazy about it*

Char-Grilled Char Siew $15.90
(with sweet and sour fries)
First time hearing such a 'chinese' dish. But it just didn't turn out like those usual char siew you eat at the hawker centre. This looks better right (even though they all pork lol). It's a bit hard though.
Char-grilled Beef Karubi $21.90
(with truffle fries, pardon me if I'm wrong)
Another dish that I died eating it. I always have the stupid perception that beef/steak taste hard for no reason unless it's those steamboat kind of beef (different parts of the body lol). So I was a bit reluctant to eat this dish, like can you imagine,

WHAT IF THE BEEF STUCK IN BETWEEN MY TEETH? I was outside, I couldn't afford to look like a fool.
WHAT IF IT'S SUPER HARD TO CHEW?  I might just dump it right, but that will be so rude.

But to my pleasant surprise, it taste so good that I can't wait for more, it's not even that hard to chew and didn't even stuck in between my teeth. 
P/S This dish have the best fries combo overall.
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich $11.90
(with sweet and sour fries)
This is like my all time favorite, and I remembered it was my very first dish during my virgin trip to EwF with my friends. So it sort of consist some memories lol. I don't know why I just love the bread with the chicken, and btw the chicken taste awesome *thumbs up*

Steak with Tulang $25.90
(with curry fries)
If you want to eat this you better hurry because it's only out for a certain period of time. Steak with red wine steak sauce and did I mentioned the steak is like 280g? Lol ok I sucks at the weight thingy but just imagine 280g is in your body after eating it. It's kinda heavy to have a steak 280g k. #okireallysucksatthisbye
So this is the end of my 1st place for bugis junction food trail with omy.
Would really love to try EwF dessert (I love dessert!)

Restaurant Review:
200 Victoria Street Parco Bugis Junction #04-05 

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