Food Trail with OMY

Went for OMY food trail @ Bugis Junction and I was so surprised by the amount of food we were welcomed with and how much I could actually eat on that day. 

I am starting to miss all the food we had.

I will summarise the whole event & food we had on that day for this post but I will do an individual post for each of the outlets we went. So stay tuned :)
I am sure everyone will have heard about Everything With Fries and even tried it right. But do you know that they actually serve some really cool and special dishes? #betyoudidntknow
 The One Egg Soup $6.90
House special that made from one egg only!
I myself was as surprised as you when I heard that the soup only made with one egg. How can this be happening?? But it does. And it tasted not bad! It's in their specialties menu too.
Wild NZ King Salmon $18.90
The salmon is real good. Literally melts in your mouth (it's this soft and nice). I don't really like to eat fish whenever I dine out but this is just too nice to resist. 

Address: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, # 04-05

 Platypus is kinda new in Bugis Junction but don't be afraid to step into this restaurant  They are keeping almost all their food below $20 to make it affordable to everyone (which is like quite cheap!). Can you imagine a restaurant with such good service and environment & AWESOME food, all under $20?!
 Truffle Fries $6.90
Do you know that truffle fries are supposed to serve with truffles on it? And you may wonder how does it looks like, well, it's the black stuff you see in the picture. Surprisingly this truffle fries does not have the strong and weird truffle oil smell (so thankful).
 Crab Cakes $12.90 (going to be $9.90 soon)
Not a fan of seafood but yay, this is quite manageable for me. 
 Risotto Balls $8.90
Due to mozzarella, it's cheesy and the best part is they pour pumpkin puree over it. *I died*
 Pressed Pork Belly $19.90
They will only pour the clove apple glaze over when they served to you and it's sooo nice. Crispy on top and it melts in your mouth.
Squid-ink Scall all all ops Ragout $16.50
Always hate to eat squid ink spaghetti because you're afraid that it might cause your teeth to be black? Fred not for this, they roll the squid ink inside their noodle so it won't even be happening but at the same time still having the taste of squid!
Iced sea salt caramel $8.90
You know you will have fun popping candies in your mouth while talking to your friends. Make the place filled with fun and laughter with this dessert. That's because there's popping candy inside this dessert and I had so much fun eating this. POP.

Address: 200 Victoria Street #03-29/29A Bugis Junction 

Crab Roe & Pork Filling Steamed Bun $13.80 (6 pcs)
Never in my life do I eat XLB with crab roe inside. And this is my first time having such a combination. It was the highlight of the day cause we got to eat XLB (my favorite!!).
 King Sized NanXiang Crab Roe Steamed Soup Bun $7.80
First time eating this and was surprised I could actually just drink the soup like this. The bun served as the purpose of a cup. And it can be eaten, hmm, isn't it environmental friendly? But be careful when you drink the soup as it is burning hot.
Crab Roe "Lion Head" $13.80 (3 pcs)
I was joking about how I ate lion meat in this food trail lol. This totally reminds me of my days in HongKong cause I will always get a chance to eat this there. It's a dimsum btw.

Address: 200 Victoria Street #02-53 Bugis Junction S(188021)

 I like how it has great variety of food in just one plate. And it's not too spicy (or maybe even none). The spiciness level was unbearable for the first dish we had - Tom Yam Soup.
I love this dish the most cause it's tasted like bbq chicken. Heard that it can be found easily in the street of Bangkok and it's almost everyone's all time favorite! The chicken is still quite juicy despite being grilled.

Address: 200 Victoria Street #02-46, Parco Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021

I love Japanese food and it's a bonus for me to have raw salmon (be it sushi or sashimi). And looks like my wish has come true. LOOK WHAT I'VE GOT. All these are just sample portion so it's smaller. I personally prefer the Zaru Soba (grayish noodle) because the sauce is nicer. The Zaru Udon also not bad.
And of course my favorite favorite SALMON. It's rolled into a ball which is quite seldom, and the egg is damn soft and nice. I love Japanese food. Nuff said.

Address: 200 Victoria Street, #02-49, Singapore 188021 

 No matter how full I am, there's always room for dessert. No one will say 'NO' to dessert, never.
 3 some (mudpie) $11.80/slice
I know what you're thinking but hell no, this 3 some is something super yummy lol. Well, can you guess why is it called 3 some? This is because it has 3 different layers! Chocolate chip cookie dough, strawberry and strawberry cheesecake ice creams and graham crackers. Mudpie never fails to surprise me all the time. It's because I don't really fancy strawberry desserts so I thought it will be another normal plain strawberry desserts, BUT THIS IS WAY TOO GOOD!
Goldmine Cheesecake $7.20/slice or $68/whole
And this is the best cheese cake ever. Oreo cookie as base? This is wayyy too much. And chocolate fudge as topping. ♡♡♡♡


Scan QR code for e-voucher to get 50% off 2nd main course! Promo ends 20 Apr. 

Address: Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street #02-47/48 S(188021)

Grilled Peri Peri Chicken with Scallops
I am sure most of you have tried Fish and Co, it's as well known as EWF. But this is my first time trying out so many different dishes from them. I like their chicken dish (hmmm ya their name is FISH & CO though...) and the chili sauce, they are the best combination ever.
 Shrimp & Clams Aglio Olio
I am never a fan of seafood. So I just tried out their aglio olio instead. It means spaghetti with garlic and oil, but it tasted so good. I was wrong about spaghetti taste nice only with tomato sauce theory :'(
Grilled Fish with Ebiko (seasonal menu, launching 15 April 2013)
We were the first to try out this before you guys haha and it's so cheesy.
It's actually prawn but I have no idea why it melted and became like cheese? 

BTW, they changed their menu and added in lots of new stuffs. The new menu look so much better and nicer (of course fresher) than the previous menu. *thumbs up*

Latest promotions:
1) VIP program relaunch with bigger & better benefits!
2) 1-for-1 Paris Passion Mocktail
More promotions here!

Address: 80 Middle Road 
#01-90 Parco Bugis Junction 
Singapore 188966

 Didn't know there is something cool like this to be found in Singapore. A hot boiling soup that cooks finish your ingredients right in front of you and within a minute? And it actually taste nice?
 Zhuang Yuan Mi Xian (15Items) 状元过桥米线 15样) - $8.80
There's also a story behind this on why they used this method to 'cook' the noodles etc. Wanna know why? Go to their store to find out more :)
 Don't worry about not knowing how to 'cook' this because the friendly staffs will be there to help out. Of course you will have to put food like prawns inside first to allow them to cook longer.

Minced Pork Lettuce Wrap 生菜猪肉碎 – $6.80
I guess the healthiest food I had for the whole food trail? It's all veggies! It's the lettuce that makes you wanna eat more of it because it's so fun to play and eat at the same time.

Address: 230 Victoria Street Bugis Junction #B1-06 Singapore 188024

This place is just outside the Honguo. And I didn't have time to take photo of the food I had. But I had the green bean flavor (obviously their hot selling will be durians). Small snacks will be great for on the go.
Photos credits to omy.

Address: Bugis Junction B1-K5

 LAST STOP. I don't know if I shall be happy or not that it has finally comes to an end. But my tummy is satisfied and I am already missing all those yummy food now. Nothing beats having ice cream of different flavors in one go and also having your favorite ice cream flavor :') Chocolate and mango was my favorite flavor on that day, red velvet cake is not too bad too :)
Love having to go to food trail like this, it makes me realized how much yummy food I've be missing out all these days and got to try out different food in just a day!

Address: 230 Victoria Street #01-14A Bugis Junction

So next time you're at bugis junction, you know where to get good food. I promised you won't starve yourself.

Station 1: Everything with Fries (updated on 27 April 2013)
Station 2: Platypus (updated on 6 June 2013)
Station 3: Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant (updated on 3 July 2013)
Station 4: Siam Kitchen (updated on 2 October 2013)
Station 5: Kazokutei (updated on 29 March 2014)
Station 6: NYDC (updates on 5 April 2014)
Station 7: Fish & Co. (updated on 12 April 2014)
Station 8: Honguo红锅 (updated on 15 May 2014)
Station 9: Yummi Bites
Station 10: MaggieMoo’s

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