Platypus Kitchen

It was just a very short distance from EwF :)
In case you don't know what a platypus is... here's a photo of it. Cute right? So basically this is its kitchen but don't worry, you won't find hair/platypus meat in your dishes.

And here we've is Nicholas Tan (owner and chef)  to tell us more about the store and the dishes that they will be serving us. Looking forward to all the dishes *drool*
Truffle Fries $6.90
In case you wonder why the truffle fries looks so different from the usual one it's because it has truffle on it! Real truffle fries should serve with truffle. Btw I kinda of like this taste, the truffle oil they used isn't really strong (my personal viewpoint), I remembered eating the truffle fries with strong truffle oil smell that makes me wanna puke out all the fries. So I was kinda scared to have my first bite on this, but guess it didn't disappoint me yay.

Crab Cake $12.90 (will soon be $9.90)
In case you're wondering what are these cute little things, they are actually crab cakes! Portion is just nice for 3 people to share. Overall it's not too bad, (I'm totally a seafood idiot lol).
Risotto balls $8.90
Don't be mistaken by the look of these and thinking that it's another dish of crab cakes. It's actually Mozzarella-stuffed balls of risotto! Yes, you heard me, MOZZARELLA *cry* with pumpkin puree, purrrrfect match.
Momo-Lychee Ale
$9.90 (a-la-cart) $6.90 (set price)
Haha and since we're all 18 years old and above (I am guessing I am the youngest already lol) we have beer. Lychee and peach flavour.
Smith’s ale
$9.90 (a-la-cart) $6.90 (set price)
Next will be green apple, lemon and passion fruit flavour, can't remember which one tasted better but I am guessing the passion fruit one? Just try both if you wanna know lol. I didn't really like the taste of beer so I am guessing that the lemon helped in covering the taste.
Truffle Carbonara $16.50
Egg Tagliatelle with double-smoked bacon and mushrooms in a truffle egg-yolk sauce, yum yum.
Squid-ink Scall all all ops Ragout $16.50
This is totally the highlight of the day dining at this restaurant, because firstly, I don't eat/fancy seafood buy I don't know why I was so excited for this dish. I could remember clearly how excited I was when I know we'll be served with this lol. And yes it's Squid-ink Tagliolini served with seared bay scallops in a light garlic-dashi sauce! You know how irritating to eat black color stuff and leaving 'marks' on your teeth?? Well, everyone hates that. But to my pleasant surprise, it doesn't even leave any stain AT ALL. So magical right! That's why we could enjoy this dish even though we're dining with a group of newly made friends. However it was quite salty after a few mouth, so drink more water :)

Saffron & Caviar risotto $19.90
Saffron infused risotto with char-grilled prawns and scallops then finished with sustainable caviar and fine herbs and some black roes (?!)
Spicy "diablo’ crab & Prawn $18.50
Egg Tagliolini with prawns and crab claw tossed in a spicy egg sauce. This tasted not bad too!

Pressed pork belly $19.90
Melt in your mouth pork belly served with braised apples, garden vegetables and a honey & clove apple glaze. Remember to give in some strength when cutting this cause it can be a bit hard and difficult (or ask a male to do the honor). Tasted so different because it's soaked with braised apples!! Overall it's not bad :)
Iced sea salt caramel $8.90
Sea salt & caramel butter cream, chocolate peanut butter brittle, ganache and popping candy. 
No one will ever say NO to desserts because not matter how full you're from the main course, there's always  room for dessert, Surprisingly your stomach can hold all the desserts in the world even though you just ate an elephant. And yay I obviously love desserts even though I am not a fan of sweets.... Guess what they got to offered? A popping iced sea salt caramel! It was funny how we tried to talk while we were eating this but everyone ended up 'popping' their words lol. And you could hear the person popping it, so don't try to steal my portion of this dessert haha.
If you ever drop by bugis junction in the future, do try out this place.

Platypus Kitchen
Bugis Junction #03-29 24 
Tel: +65 6333 4434

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