Fat Boys

 A strong feeling that sooner or later this blog will become a food blog since I have been posting more of food than anything else. Or is it my life has been more on eating these past few months.
Holy Caeser @ $12.00
Grilled seasoned chicken, chewy bacon, on a bed of romaine lettuce, sprinkles of Parmesan
and topped with homemade Ceasar dressing on a sesame bun.

Bacon was really salty but it tasted so much better when it's eat with the bun. This is because I separated them out and eat them individually lol, I wonder who eats their burger this way. Chicken was so yum! And I always love the bun at the bottom because I kinda dislike having sesame on my buns.

It was my first time there, wanted to go during the holidays but obviously I was too busy (much more busier than normal school days) that I don't even have time for shopping. So now I go to eat Fat Boys, I am a happy fat girl. The burger is awesome + free flow of plain water lol which I feel that it's really nice of them?! Water is so important to me that I have a habit of drinking tons of water after eating and I gets very worried when my water bottle is running out of water, so when I realized there's free flow of water......

 And the portion of burger and fries are just nice. The pricing is quite reasonable (given this portion of food, yes) and I just love how they don't charge extra money (service charge, GST etc), so what you see is what you get. Good review of the food there so I think I will most likely go there again someday. 

Upper Thomson Branch
Thomson outlet - 187 Upper Thomson Rd
Tel : 6252 8780

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