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 Hi, it's my food review again (my long postponed food review lol). 
This time, I am going to back you guys to Thailand: Siam Kitchen @ Bugis Junction!

Siam is an exonym that was used as the name of Thailand before 24 June 1939, and again from 8 September 1945 to 20 July 1949

Which means.... You can enjoy wide range of Thailand food in Siam Kitchen :)
 So far the only Thai food that I've tried are: Green curry and Pad Thai (both from my school's canteen) which tasted quite good. Except for the part that the green curry has a lot of weird spices in it....
Nevertheless, I was pretty excited about this restaurant.
Tom Yum Soup/Clear Tom Yum Soup - $7.90
The moment we entered, we were served with the Thai Signature dish - Tom Yum Soup! (I believed they served us the clearer version which is more light as compared to the normal ones) Not too spicy (which is good for me or else I will ended up drinking water and not able to taste other food in a peaceful mind).

Grill Tilapia with chili dip - $19.90
 Hopefully I got the dish name right because I kinda forgot what's this.... It's a fish (lol you don't say). Tasted like any other fried fish but I just love the chili dip. It really helps the fish to taste better.
 Siam grill combo platter - $24.90
I know you will drool just by looking at this picture. I myself love this the most (especially the chicken, well because I don't fancy seafood). And after so long I am still thinking about this dish. I have no idea how they grill this like those people do it by the beach. But they just did, and it tasted so good. Like you are on a holiday and this platter just makes it even better. I don't have to travel to Thailand to enjoy this because I can have it here in Singapore!! Woohoo!

 Some kind of salad that I can't remember the name. Refreshing but a bit sour (not really my liking, so we shall skip this). 

Grill herbs spring chicken - $14.90
Best chicken ever in my life :') I love you Siam for giving us to try this. This is way too good to be true. And the sauce is just delicious. I don't mind having this everyday (okay maybe not) but it's just good. The chicken is grilled nicely and I like how it's not overcooked. The meat inside is still soft and nice to chew!

Overall, I had a good time in Siam Kitchen and I must say their food and services are good. Though the pricing is a bit too expensive for student like me... :-(

Address: Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021

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