Kazokutei @ Bugis Junction

Kazokutei has 3 outlets in Singapore (I went to the Bugis Junction outlet). It was for food tasting thus the food comes in bite size, which was perfect for us cause this is the 5th stops we went and we were quite full from the previous food tastings.
 I personally love raw salmon thus I tried the raw salmon sushi. It was quite special from the usual raw salmons I had in other outlets, their raw salmon sushi is a bit thinner in slices and they have a small aloe on top (the one that's green in color). It makes the taste a lot more fresher! And you can see the sushi is round in shape unlike the usual sushi. I don't eat scallop thus I can't comment on how was it.
 Zaru Udon $6.90
Zaru Soba $9.90
Both are cold noodles that are super popular in Japanese restaurants. I personally like the Zaru Soba as it has more taste as compared to udon (I don't really like udon, cause they are pretty tasteless).

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