Braces Journey

This post is to jot down my whole process from preparing to get my braces done to finally gotten the braces on my teeth lol. It's almost the 6th month of my braces journey and I have decided to post about my journey here. Have been taking photos of my colorful braces (my motivation to go for the dental appointment) so that I can monitor the changes and look back in the future.
Very first photo after my first dental appointmentEmoji
Chose purple for the 1st braces color because it's one of my favorite color.

It was a painful start for me, given the fact that I have to pluck out 5 teeth, and 2 has to go under operations to extract them out. 

Before having braces, I know my teeth are not straight thus I didn't really like smiling in front of cameras when I was much younger. But as time passes, I gave up, and started smiling more with my teeth showing because it's tiring to hide. As you can see from some of the photos here, my teeth was horrible....  but that doesn't stop me from smiling/laughing/talking so ya.

I was told by my dentist back then (in secondary 1) to put on braces. 
But back then I refused to (and now I am like begging for it lol), simply because:

  1. Braces back then wasn't a "trend" and what will people think when I put???
  2. It didn't have much choices of colors to choose from back then except for the ugly sliver.
Yes, stupidest reasons and I could have gotten nice straight teeth by now.

So I took up the courage last November to finally get my braces done. 
I had a school photo shoot 2 days after putting braces. Talk about smiling awkwardlyEmoji
(Btw, I really love the makeup and hair on that day)

I was asked to go to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for extraction because it requires operation. I was excited about this new journey of putting braces but the extraction still scares me a little.

I can still remember the whole process of the operation because I was awake when they did the operation. E.g. the noise of the cutting of my gum & tooth etc. It took me a week or so to recover from the swell and I had a hard time eating. I attended lesson right after my operation because giving MC is such a chore. still remembered what was my teacher & friends reactions when they saw me with two cotton wool in my mouth and I forgot the doctor put my bloody tooth in my bag. I took out in the middle of the lesson (wanting to change my cotton wool).... and oops I scared my friend (who is a guy btw) hahaha. But I got to thank him because he helped me a lot that day, as I couldn't talk with my cotton wool inside my mouth, I had to write everything down and he was so patience with me and my annoying painful gums. I almost cried because it was too painful. 
Braces cousins in da house (with another one coming up soon)Emoji
Thank you everyone who has helped me in one way or another: cutting my food into smaller pieces so that I can consume, giving me encouragement before my operation, taking care of me when my gums hurt, asking me whether I can consume those food before ordering/visiting the restaurant, helping me to look for some soft food (like porridge) for me because I was hungry and I can't chew well, trying out which are the softer food so that I can eat and so much more.

I feel really blessed to have you guys around in my life.
 Just because it's CNY period, I decided to have red color for my braces Emoji
Electric Blue was so far the best color ever EmojiEmoji

I had the other 3 more plucked out subsequently in the dental clinic, which is not that scary but still disgusting. The holes were obvious and the food always ended up inside those holes  I could taste the blood in my mouth, and could feel the swollen lips. The journey of plucking/extraction of tooth is going to be painful so just bear with it for the sake of neat teeth. I still remembered when I first getting used to the post-extraction period, I basically swallow everything without biting *this is strongly not recommended & please do not follow* because I can't seems to bite. Like I can't feel myself biting onto the food and it was so painful to bite. (you will only understand the pain if you were to be in my shoe/wear braces)
Braces buddy Emoji
  • Never ever choose black/yellow. Reason being very simple, you won't wanna look like you didn't brush your teeth and have yellow teeth or without teeth (which is why there are 'black holes').
  • Try to go for different colors every month because once you took out your braces, you will miss having colors in your mouth.
  • Go for colorful ones if you want, the dentist will be nice enough to put it for you and won't scold you for it.
  • Dark green may ended up looking like black so be careful! 

I was thinking either having green or orange (both are my least favorite color) thus I decided to have them both together - save the trouble of deciding.
And currently, my most favorite braces colors so far: Electric blue with hot pink 

So far so good for my braces journey, except for the fact that I can no longer bite onto my soft chicken bones like how I used to do it before putting braces and also the pain I have to suffer once a month (just like menses boo). Overall, I really love having it (weird I know) because it somehow gives me confident in talking & smiling 

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  1. Hi, i chance upon your website and would like to ask where you did your braces and how much it cost :) is the service good?

    1. Hey! I did it near West mall area (blk 283) for around $4,000. The dentist and his helper are really nice and friendly! Definitely good service 👍😊

  2. Thank you for sharing valuable information about Braces . Very Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post.

    1. Hi Elin,

      Thank you so much for your feedback :)

  3. Do u mind doing another braces update to show progress ur progress

    1. Sure! I am actually drafting another one as I will be taking out the braces really soon :)

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  5. AnonymousMay 17, 2016

    How long did you have to wait to get yoyr braces on from your first consultation?

    1. If I recall correctly, it's around 2 months :)

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