Fish & Co.

To be honest, I didn't enjoyed my first dining experience with Fish & Co. when I was in primary school. Maybe it was because my parents ordered all the seafood that I didn't like or maybe the food back then wasn't that fantastic? But oh boy, nowadays Fish & Co. is so much more delicious and I wouldn't mind going for more.
Starter: Soft Shell Crab Salad
I always got a bit confused by the look of crab and octopus (LOL) because of the legs. But I could tell the differences if I were to put them inside my mouth heh. Pretty much like their soft shell crab (apparently I only like soft shell crab & fish in the whole seafood menu) with a tinge of chili spices. 
Starter: Clams with Curry Butter 

Starter: Mussels with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce or Spicy Marinara
I don't eat clams and mussels thus I cannot comment much, to be honest, I don't eat seafood (except for fish and soft shell crab, I think that's the end of my seafood menu list) So I was pretty glad they provide bread cause I can still have a taste of the sauce without having to eat the clams or mussels. 
Bombay Fish & Chips
Served with a combo of Indian herbs and spicy spice. I like how their fries are not too deep fried and hard to consume.
Seafood Spaghetti
Tomato sauce as the base but it tasted more like aglio olio and I am not complaining because I love aglio olio. And yes, again I can only eat their spaghetti and not the prawns and mussels. 
Seafood Baked Rice
Don't be mislead by the look of this baked rice, yes it looked unappealing but it tasted nice. Well, baked rice usually taste nice because of the cheese yum yum.
Seafood Galore
Included grilled king prawns, curry butter flavored clams and grilled white fish that served with rice and chips. Perfect for family of 4?!
Grilled Peri Peri Chicken with Scallops
Surprisingly Fish & Co served good grilled chicken although their specialties are seafood. They take considerations to people like me that doesn't really like seafood but have no choice to dine in here (maybe due to dining with friends/family etc). So that I can order non seafood items and best part is, it still taste awesomely nice!

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