New York Dessert Cafe

Boo Boo @ $6.80/slice & $62/whole
 In case you guys didn't know, I am a huge fan of dessert. 
And there is always room for dessert not matter how full I am after my meals #truestory. No matter how much I am draining to finish my last bite of rice or whatsoever and the next thing I know, I am having chocolate ice cream as dessert.
 Don't be mislead by the outer look of this chocolate cake. It taste better than it looks (although it doesn't look that pretty, you can see that many of us are still taking out our cameras to capture this cake model). I like how this chocolate cake does not have much cream, instead only a light whipped cream surrounds it. Because creams are so fattening (yet nice), which makes me less guilty after eating it!
 Ode To My Cheesecake @ $6.80/slice & $66/whole
Hands down to the best cheesecake ever. It's Ally's New York Cheesecake with Oreo base and chocolate mousse on top and did I mentioned this is the BEST COMBO EVER. The Oreo was so good with the soft texture of cheesecake, am I in heaven right now.
 3-Some @ $11.80/slice
Haha yes I bet you guys laughed at the name because I do! It's a mixture of 3 layers in 1 which makes eating it less guilty? (cause it seems like you are only having a piece but actually you somehow tasted 3 different cakes!?) 
The 3 layers are chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, strawberry ice cream and strawberry cheesecake ice cream and graham crackers.
 Jodi Mudster @ $11.80/slice
In case strawberry isn't your cup of tea, not to worry because NYDC serve chocolate too. Double choclate chip and macadamia nut ice cream on an Oreo base with homemade cookie chunks. And they have to complete it with chocolate fudge and whipped cream. You got me, I am in love with you.

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