Honguo 红锅

Honguo 红锅 is a restaurant that especially serve the most famous 'Crossing the bridge noodles 过桥米线', a rice noodles from Yunnan (China). I've never eaten one in my whole entire life and since travelling to China right now isn't a best option for me to have a taste of it. Why not have it in Singapore?!
So blessed to be able to try it in Singapore as I really like the rice noodles  Although I am not a huge fan of Chinese cuisine, I do appreciate some small little creations like rice noodles (heh).
The waitress helped to demonstrate the process of 'making' a pot of Cross Bridge Vermicelli. It was really simple, just pour all the ingredients on the tables - meat, eggs and veggies into the boiling hot soup. And you are ready to eat

It was quite surprising how the soup is still hot despite putting on the table for quite some time already. And can still managed to cook the raw ingredients too! The rice noodles was good (mainly because I love rice noodles) and the soup wasn't too bad too.
We have other side dishes along with the rice noodles which makes everything so perfect. Well, of course most people visit the store just for the rice noodles but I guess side dishes are extremely important too. (especially for Chinese cuisine)

Not advice-able for those who cannot take spicy because the chicken are actually quite spicy.
Really cool dish here, where you put the small little veggies onto a cabbage and eat it. So healthy cause it's double veggies haha.

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