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So happy to be able to attend the McCafé workshop preview recently (partly because I love mac breakfast and also I love cafes!!). Some of you might not know about McCafé as McDonald is more famous for its fries, burgers, and etc. But do you know that it has over 50 outlets island wide and it's time to visit one of the outlet near your house soon. Reached Yew Tee McCafé quite early and could already feel the excitements from the baristas while they were having briefing before that.
Double Chocolate Frappe
Was warmly welcomed at the counter for my media kit and was lead to a table where barista - Soft was there to take my order. I must say the double chocolate frappe is to my liking  it maybe too sweet for some of you but what I like is that I could even bite onto the chocolate chips in the drinks! And how I hate whip cream on my drinks because it taste horrible but this has to prove me wrong. Thumbs up for this awesome drink.
P/S I was still thinking of this drink even after days. I need to have this everyday.
Vanessa Vanderstraaten was the host of the day for the event. Really love her accent and how she hype up the crowd by being so energetic during her presentation   
Our first activity was to draw about anything that you like on the coaster. So me being me, a hello kitty fan, tried to draw hello kitty but ended up looking really ugly. What a shame for being a hello kitty fan 
This activity is conducted by Hilmi, pinoeer barista leader of McCafé and is also the trainer for McCafé Espresso Class. Do read till the end to find out more!
Up next, the barista at our tables showcase their talents and it might LOOK easy, but it actually does not seems this easy after all. And this is Soft, a really nice and sweet barista that has a really beautiful smile!    She displayed a such good attitude and passion that she was promoted to barista leader at the same year as she joined (wow).

Final art piece by Soft, which is a butterfly! 
She is willing to clarify all our doubts on latte arts and also telling us which one is easier to make, how to enhance the art. She actually remembers our drawings earlier on because she made a lion latte art to the girl who drew lion on the coaster earlier on (so nice of her!).
Next up is the 3D by the 3D artist. 
I was told that there is actually 3D latte art so I requested whether I could see it. And yay the barista performed it right on our table and right beside me. #brbdying
It requires a lot of practices and also patient, because this doesn't comes easy. I could see the hands were shaking while he was making because it was really difficult to be so detailed for both the cat and the fishes.

Soft also performed some other latte art for us to see and how she could make use of the chocolate syrup to enhance the art.

Not only do we got to decorate the latte, we could actually decorate our plates! So what's the point of having a nice cup of coffee without some nice cakes??
Mango Cheesecake
It feels like I am eating the real mango itself and not just cheesecake.
Oreo Cheesecake
Was a bit too sweet for me. I guess it was due to having small white chocolate chips on top of the cake which makes it even sweeter. So if you have a really high tolerance of sweetness, you will like this
Soft was teaching some of us how to do simple latte art  She's really nice and patient to all of us.
I bet you guys won't even dare to drink all the latte/coffee/chocolate because all look so cute 

And next up, it was my turn to have a try of latte art! Thank God for the barista to help me a bit because I have no idea how to come out with the face shape by pouring the milk. He then used the thermometer to draw the ears by dragging the milk. He then passed on to me for my to draw the eyes, the nose and whiskers of it. I added the ribbon using the raspberry syrup, which was quite heavy on the latte 

I then I did quite okay because I learnt by watching the barista performed a few times and sort of know how to use my thermometer to draw out the shapes.... So hire me maybe? 

He then made a bear for me haha so cute  but it just made my hello kitty look even uglier HAHA.
Remembered asking you to read till the end? Well, that's because good new. If you feel inspired after reading this post, or you think you have great ideas to showcase on your drinks. This is something for you!

McCafé will be having a series of complimentary Coffee Appreciation Workshops. All participants will be learning from McCafé’s team of talented baristas in sessions led by Hilmi Mohamed, McCafé’s Master Trainer, who has 10 years of experience in the coffee industry. 
It will be a 3 hours workshop and only 6 - 10 people per session. This is only opened to youths aged 16 to 35 years old in the community.

Simply drop an email to

Registration will take place from 18 August 2014 to 1 September 2014 (first come first serve). The first two workshops will take place on 6 and 13 September, and the next two sessions are slated to take place in December 2014.
If there are overwhelming responses, they may even open up more classes!!

Thank you OMY for this great opportunity!

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