Timbre @ The Arts House

It's going down, I'm yelling timber // You better move, you better dance.

Finally got a chance to visit Timber with my girls the other day to celebrate the end of Year 2. How time flies, and soon I will be graduating and moving onto my next stage in life.
Visited Timbre - The Arts House
AddressEmoji: 1 Old Parliament Lane #01-04, The Arts House, 179429

 Wasn't easy to find it at first because it's all our first time visiting it, and we walked all the way from Somerset to Timber, thank goodness it's just a straight road for us. Up till now, I've no idea which MRT station is nearest to it, but I roughly know the location of the restaurant.
Because we went on a Thursday, thus it's not as crowded as usual (like Wednesday TGIW, Friday TGIF or weekends). We got our seats really quickly and proceed to ordering from the ipad. Because it's kinda dark, I am so glad that they gave us ipad to order, can you imagine having to on torchlight to look at the menu?? And because it's so dark, we used the light from the ipad to took all these photos (with the help of flashlight too )
Roasted duck breast, sauté shiitake mushroom with hoisin sauce, topped with mozzarella.

This is the ONLY reason why are we here, because lots of people have been telling us that the duck pizza is really good etc. But this is also the disappointment we had on that night. It wasn't as nice as expected. The hoisin sauce wasn't that nice and also mozzarella are all over the place. We couldn't even taste the duck on the pizza. But the pizza itself is just nice, not too thick nor thin. And the serving is so huge that the 5 of us couldn't finish it and regretted ordering 2 pizzas.

We had half of HAWAIIAN BBQ ($18) & half of BUFFALO CHICKEN PIZZA ($18) because some of us couldn't take seafood (like me), beef, or salmon. So we had a hard time choosing the 2 different pizzas we want. I find this pretty good because you got to have 2 different pizzas at a price of 1! And to be honest, all of us thinks that it's so much better than the duck pizza we had.  
 We thought we will be so hungry that we could finish all. But guess, we girls have a really small stomach because we got so full that we had to play scissor paper stone to finish them up. 
 And because not many of them drinks, thus we only ordered a glass. Which is pretty good (given the fact that I dislike beers), it's kinda smooth 
Overall experience wasn't that bad, just that there wasn't any live band and there were lots of mosquitoes having a time of their own by feasting on my blood

P/S Thank you XT for the camera, and for being the photographer for the day.

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