Shunji Matsuo by Poise

20 Handy Road, Nomu #01-01

It was indeed a nice afternoon there pampering myself like a princess   
Upon arrival, I was invited to the nails session of the store to get my nails done first because there were too many people waiting to get their hair done. Was extremely pleased with the service by Home Nails  

Overall customer service was good, the person doing my nails even asked if the color was alright for my liking so that she can further improve on it. And even offered to give me a plastic bag to hold my wet umbrella because it was raining.

Honestly it wasn't my first time having complimentary nails service and usually when they know it's FOC (free of charge) service, they will not put their heart and soul into it. Thank you Home Nails for proofing it otherwise and making my stay so enjoyable.

Next, I got my hair done by one of the hairstylist in Shunji Matsuo. She did a temporary perm for me which turns out to be surprisingly good. Haha because I've always been straightening my hair and have never permed my hair before. Would like to have a try in the future when my hair is much longer
And actually I do look fine with perms because a lot of my friends have been praising that I look good in it after posing my photo on instagram. But sadly, it's gone after shower and back to my actually not so straight hair. Thank you so much for going the extra miles to style my hair !

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