10 downside of having braces

Not everything are perfect, as such, here is the follow up on 10 perks of having braces

The 10 downside of having braces.Emoji

1. Having difficulties to pronounce just one simple word.
Still remembered how I couldn't pronounce some words properly (up till now) and it’s kind of annoying cause I have to repeat myself a few times to get the words right or make myself clear. And my friends would always tease me for not pronouncing the words correctly or asking me to pronounce certain words cause they know I will have a hard time pronouncing them (LOL).

2. Hard to chew on food.
When I first started having braces, it was pain in the ass. I couldn't chew the food properly without having to feel the pain in every bite. Thus I gave up in chewing and started swallowing the food straight instead. Also, I know I was starving and needed to eat so badly, but I just couldn't make myself to eat because the pain is just unbearable. This happens whenever you just tighten your braces or pluck out teeth.

3. Say goodbye to your favorite food.
Well, it kind of links to point 2, which is hard to chew on food. As such, you will need to give up your all-time favorite food (especially those hard ones). There was once my mum made chicken wings but I couldn't even eat in peace. So in the end I didn't touch it and my mum was surprised there are still so much left… because usually I will clear it haha.

4. Pain in the ass/discomfort.
Don’t think having those metals on your teeth is going to be comfortable. This is like forcing your mouth to adapt to something so foreign to them for the next 2 years or so. Also, those metals will cut into your gum when you talk/smile/laugh. This happens especially when you first started and there will be some point in time you will have ulcers (which I think depends on individuals cause up till now I don’t have one).

5. Have to brush/wash up EVERY single time after eating.
This is something I personally dislike the most. I know it’s oral hygiene to at least rinse your mouth after eating. But can you imagine brushing your teeth after every meals and also trying to remove any food partials that got stuck in between the braces. IT’S THE MOST TIRING PROCESS EVER. My friends find me a burden to be always heading to the toilet after eating haha. And how I dislike talking to people while eating (for now) because I could feel the food stuck in between my braces and no way are you gonna stare at my veggie stuck there. NO.
Please don’t be an ass and offer me food after I’ve brush/clean my teeth/braces.

6. Extraction of tooth (if you are that unlucky like me).
Good teeth was pulled out, and it’s the worst thing ever. That’s because it was a healthy tooth inside and did not cause any obstruction in your mouth (until you decided to have braces inside your mouth) but you have to remove it forever. It’s a cruel punishment for the tooth/teeth just because people like you and I want to have straighter teeth, we need to make this sacrifices.

7. Expensive.
No one says it’s going to be cheap but I know it’s going to be worth it. People say they rather spend a few thousands (investment) to achieve something good in the long run. And I must agree with this.

8. Having to wear retainer after the removal of braces.
I haven’t reach the stage of removal of braces but I know I will need to wear retainer after removing my braces. For the first 6 months will be the whole day and the next 6 months will only be wearing it at night.Emoji I heard it’s smelly and you won’t like the feeling of having it in your mouth to sleep. So most people chose not to wear and only wear it once in a blue moon (which often results in the shifting of teeth and couldn't fit into their retainer).

9. Possible damage of teeth.
If you don’t take care of your teeth properly now (e.g. brushing your teeth after meals or anyhow brushing them), most likely you will have tooth decay. Also, if the impact of the metal is too harsh on your teeth it will somehow affect them too. Talk to your dentist to ensure everything is alright before making any decision.

10. Unable to do certain things.
Well for me, I couldn't even suck something from a straw properly. Most likely due to the holes I am having right now. Maybe after the shifting of teeth it will get better. But this is something I notice I've became ‘disabled’ to do after having braces.

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