Things I have learnt working in the service sector

1. Putting a smile on your face can brighten up someone’s day 
You may think that the person you are serving right now is a stranger who has NO impact in your life. Well, this is where you are wrong. I have came across a customer who told me that how he will recommend his friends to come to our restaurant because it’s this good and we even chatted for a while. There are lots of regular customers that come back and it’s a joy serving them. Do you know as a customer you can actually brighten up our (service staff) day by actually asking “How’s your day?” or even making an effort to smile to us?

2. Customers are NOT ALWAYS right
I was guilty of this when I was much younger. Thinking that as a customer I pay for the food and service, I am basically right for every single thing. This is bullshit. Yes, you pay for the service charge but that doesn't mean you can scold us just because you are in a bad mood. I have met quite a few ridiculous customers once in a while that made me so angry at the point of time. But I quickly recover when I serve the next customers because each and everyone is unique in their own way.

Some of the customers I've encountered are:

Thinking that she is a queen just because she asked for the bill by demanding that I should have served her FIRST (apparently another customer accidentally cut her queue).

As a new staff in the restaurant I would not have known who are the regulars and what their special orders are. But apparently this woman got quite annoyed just because I didn't give her the usual additional soy sauce.

Refused to repeat her order just because I have missed the last order that she told me. And jammed the whole queue because I have to find my manager to get her order (apparently she is a regular). It was during lunch peak hour for your information, my manager, in fact ALL STAFFS are busy. Did you at least feel a tiny bit of guilt that you jammed the whole queue? Of course you didn't.

It’s always woman creating all these troubles….

3. There will be times people look down on you just because you work as a waitress
If it isn't because of us serving you, you don’t even get to eat those food happily. Who is going to refill your water when you need? Who is going to answer to your queries when you are unsure? That doesn't means you can roll your eyes at us when we double confirm your order (and sometimes getting it wrong, sorry).

4. Be thick skin
You are not going to survive here if you are not going to be thick skin and outgoing. I am serious. It may seem normal for a staff to approach you and ask you what's your order. But sometimes it takes quite a bit of courage to do that because of this term - Uncertainly. We are uncertain of what is going to happen next, what if the customer place a huge order and I missed one of it? What if I didn't catch what he/she is asking? However, if you are thick skinned (or shameless), you wouldn't even bother so much and not to worry for making mistakes. Because you are brave enough to clarify further with the customers. 

5. Differences between those who have worked in the service sector and those who have not
My attitude towards service staff have changed dramatically. I was once so afraid to work in F&B outlet. Afraid of getting scolded by customers, managers, boss or anyone. That’s because you have done that before and you know what goes around comes around.
But I have never regretted my decision to try out once. I understand so much more, the pain a service staff will go through, and how you can actually do your part as a customer to make them feel better.

“I became conscious of my own posture and sat up a little on the couch. I rearranged my cannula. Dad always told me that you can judge people by the way they treat waiters and assistants. By this measure, Peter Van Houten was possibly the world’s douchiest douche.” --- The Fault In Our Stars

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