Trick Eye Museum

8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 10am to 9pm

Ticket Prices:
Adult 13 - 59 years: S$25
Child 4-12 years old: S$20
Seniors (60 years and above): S$20

Told myself that I will spend this semester holiday a fruitful one since I didn't get a chance to work part time this time round. So I met up with my BFF to visit the Trick Eye Museum (TEM)! Remember me saying in my previous post (here) that I want to visit TEM to compare? Well I did. And this time round my camera decided to die on me and we have to use our phone camera. No doubt the colours on IPhone is nicer. But we almost ran out of batteries too.

And thanks to Carousell, we got our tickets at a cheaper price ($17.50) instead of the usual $25. Which was quite a good deal I guess? Located right inside Sentosa and it's super convenient if you were to walk in instead. Just that I have to pay additional money....
And that also meant I was so tired and sweaty after walking in in the afternoon. Because Bern decided to take cab with her friends without me.

We spent a total of around 2+ hours inside because the crowd was crazy even though it's NOT school holidays. Especially those tourists that spoke loudly at every station trying to get their friends here drove me insane. And kids will just photo bomb your photos because their parents are more interested in taking photos than taking care of their kids.
You can see from the outside to see whether inside is crowded. HAHA. Because the door is always opened and there are not much thing to cover up the transparent glass. So it was quite bad to take photos with the sunlight coming in.
 I think all the 3D Art can really colourful and able to capture my attention really well. Which is something good about it. And what's more, I do not need to brighten up my photos like the one I did for Alive Museum.
 More photos are on my Facebook since we spammed quite a lot on that day.
Love the swan photo and the background. It's so Disney like that I felt like I was in Disneyland and you wouldn't even mind taking photo of the background although there is no trick eye effect. And it's so prettyy I felt like a little princess there.Emoji
And since they didn't tell me the rules to pose for photos, I was actually anyhow posing.

I guess this chair isn't that amazing any more because it was so difficult to sit down properly and we took it at the wrong angle. There wasn't help when we need Emoji
Have no idea why all the 3D art seems to be getting ready for Christmas and winter. 
 Posing more on those not so common pictures here, so that you got a feel of how TEM is like and what to expect. I was actually quite amazed by some of the arts inside.
 Even gravity can't handle me right now.

Well, I was actually lying on the floor and we turned the image 90 degrees to get this effect. I was hesitating whether a not to lie down because it was so dirty. 
 The bike is in a weird shape and we had a hard time trying to sit properly (in fact we had a hard time trying to pose properly for many pictures) and it's nicer to see than to really go sit on it.

 Extremely failed photo session for this panda station. Firstly, I didn't bend my legs a little and it's so obvious that I am lying onto it. Yes it's actually a pole for you to lie down and all you have to do is to turn your picture 90 degrees to get this image. It will turn ordinary photos into extraordinary moments. HA, gotta ya, you must be thinking how people 'climbed' onto it right!!
 I had the most epic moment here with this art.

I was actually trying to climb up so that it looks like he was back hugging me or something. And as I was figuring out my way up, I knocked onto his head. HIS HEAD WAS SO HARD SOME MORE. That was not the worst thing that happened, as I was screaming 'Ouch', I knocked my nose onto the roses. THE FAKE ROSES. You might asked why am I so clumsy but I have no idea. I could still feel that my nose is being flattened thanks to the roses. I was too busy thinking I need to get out of his arms that I didn't notice the roses he is holding. I love guys and roses but this art is giving me a pain in the ass. Which explains my expression. I could still feel the pain as I am typing this right now. 

DAMNNN, a handsome guy but with a secret motive.
Definitely an easier place to take photos because it's all 3D.

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