Wheeler's Yard

It's finally holidays for me (after whining how school is killing me for the past few weeks), my well deserved break is here. Emoji Exam has killed my brain cells, caused me to overly stressed because I have 3 major exams in 2 days. And also shutting down from people, getting annoyed at the smallest thing on earth because I was so stressed up.

So I decided to meet up with my Trio Friends over lunner (lunch + dinner) at Wheeler's Yard Cafe on a Sunday to have a good start of my holidays.

Address: Emoji
28 Lorong Ampas, 328781
 We forgot to do a more in depth research on how to do there. Instead we walked all the way from Toa Payoh MRT station to Wheeler's Yard. 1.5KM I Google that.


There is actually a bus that goes there from the interchange (bus 139 if I am not wrong) but we walked all the way there. Even cut through the stadium to get us there, it's really like exercising before eating.Emoji
Big Breakfast $19.90
Not the best big breakfast I've ever eaten, in fact it was a little disappointing. I was deciding between this plate and the Chicken Yard Burger, but ended having this because the thought of having fries didn't sound too appealing to me.

The only nice food was the sausage and the toast. Scrambled egg was the greatest disappointment in this dish. Maybe I expected too much from this scrambled egg, but it was more towards plain and cold (which is what I dislike!!). I have to add salt to enhance the taste (even pepper isn't doing much of a job here), which is not something I would expect? Even McDonald's Big Breakfast scrambled egg can do better. Bacon is hard and overly cooked, mushrooms has the mushroom smell and taste which is a minus point for this whole dish. No comment for tomato and hash browns, just average. No wow factor.  
Fish and Chips $18.90
Awkward moment when the fish is sexier and hotter than you LOL. Row and XY ordered this and Row said the fish skin is a bit hard and not nice to eat after awhile because she started digging the meat inside only. Not sure about the overall taste because I never really asked them, but we were all so full after eating and it lasted me till late at night.
They also ordered iced coffee/lattee which is quite nice since I tried a mouth of theirs. I had water because their water has lemon and mints inside!! So refreshing and it's cold too (they have warm water too). Which is all so good EmojiEmoji I like having lemon inside my water to cover up the disgusting water taste yet making it so refreshing at the same time. All self service, no additional charges.
We stayed inside for quite some time to chill and talk since the atmosphere was really good. What's more their toilet is so clean and the interior design is quite nice too HAHA. Not what I want imagine to have inside a cafe.
Everyone's favourite spot to take photos and you would have seen this place on Instagram a million times. You have to queue to take photo because some people would want to take a lot of times just to get that perfect shot. We were quite luckily to have a certain period of time with  no one there to snatch with us for the spot. It's tiring enough to wait and help so many people to take photos HAHA we became camera women for the day since so many of them were asking us.
Finally the place is cleared and we got to snap some photos for ourselves without having people to judge us or wait for us.
Anyway you can rent the bicycles here at a hourly rate if I am not wrong. Overall, I think the atmosphere is good with the unique interior design and concepts, but the food is something should be improved on. Or if you don't mind the food then it should be fine for you!

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