Windows Phone 8.1 // Lumia 930‏

Lumia 930 now available in Singapore!
The latest innovation beautifully integrates the best of Microsoft and Lumia.
In case you do not know me that well, I am always with my phone (just like the photo below), you can contact me via WhatsApp and I would reply instantly. #whatasocialmediaaddict
Which caused my friends to say that it's bad because I am like addicted to it but oh well, I am cutting down on it a lot right now. 
And today I am going to share with you guys the latest Nokia phone: Nokia Lumia 930. Nokia was my family's favourite brand before moving to Samsung a few years back. So reviewing this phone sure felt a bit nostalgic.

1. PackagingEmoji
Instead of the usual black and white, the one I got comes in neon orange. Which is something unique about Nokia! Looks pretty without even the need of phone cover. (but of course do protect your phone in case you drop it)

2. BatteryEmoji
Nokia is well known for its long battery life and it still does. I didn't switch off the phone at all and guess what? It died only 4 days later. Life will be good without having the need to charge my phone every now and then. Especially when you are out and need to use your phone!! You can talk as long as 11.5 hours with this phone (wow)!

3. CameraEmoji
Sorry I am that vain/bimbo but camera megapixel contribute to the large factor on whether I will buy this phone or not. And it's 20MP!! I do not need to carry my camera around when I have 20MP as my phone camera (which is considered good!). So I gave a try, didn't turn out as good as I imagined. Sigh. Maybe the lighting and all but I wanted it to be more focus to the object.
The words on my lipstick wasn't so clear. Obviously Picture 1 shows how did it focused on the wrong place. Overall I would still prefer IPhone camera although it's just 8MP?! Which is something that still amaze me till now.
Tried on its front camera (this is going to be the post where you still lots of selfie HAHA), I would say I like the result of the front camera more than the back one. Although it's only 1.2MP.

4. WeightEmoji
Definitely heavier than my usual phone. Which isn't something I would prefer? This is so when I carry a small clutch/bag. Or even when I am using my phone on a daily basis. Won't be good if I would to take photo/selfie HAHA.

5. Features Emoji
Features are still lacking but it's improving. HA but not like you will use all features anyway. The good thing is I got to change the 'theme' in this phone. Which is the colours to suit my personality or even mood. Also the crystal clear 5-inch full HD OLED display that allows me to watch my shows/video clips in any condition and wireless charging (gosh), #whatisbatterylow.
And what's more it's running on Window Phone 8.1!

I know I can't compare much with other phones because it's unique in its way. 
But this is of course much better than those Nokia phones I have back then. 
Knowing that Nokia making changes and moving to a greater 'self', it's definitely heart warming to see that.

Lastly, this phone is available in Singapore at a retail price of SGD 789. Emoji

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