Windows Phone 8.1 // Nokia Lumia 530

New Lumia 530 Brings Uncompromised Smartphone Performance at SGD159

Thanks to Vivian, I got to review my 2nd Nokia phone from her
 This time it's the Nokia Lumia 530 (previously I reviewed on Lumia 930). Quite a different feel as previously one was the latest one and now I am back to this which was available since August 2014 (still consider okay as we are still in 2014 right now HAHA). I tried to compare a bit with the Nokia Lumia 930 since it's all Nokia but as you know Lumia 930 is the latest one so of course the functions/features are much better.

But this phone is so much more affordable!

1. PackagingEmoji
I honestly dislike green colour but when I received this in NEON green, I was alright with it. Because as long as it's neon, I am cool with it. Plus just so happened I painted my nails green (it's glow in the dark nail polish thus it turned out to be green) HAHA.

Of course there are other colours available such as orange, white, blue etc. So don't worry, I am sure you will be able to get your favourite colour! Same as the Lumia 930 review, it looks pretty enough not to have a phone cover (money saved yay).

2. BatteryEmoji

It's so lasting that I can't even remember when was the last time I charged it. I charged my phone once a day and Nokia phone lasted for so many days (I didn't even off it), I lost track on it. Up to 13h talk time for this phone (wow!!), better than Lumia 930 by 2 hours HAHA.

However, the phone cover was difficult to be removed (or is it me), I have to Google how to remove cover in order to put in the battery. But it's actually good because it means that when you drop your phone, the battery and cover won't be flying out!Emoji 

3. SizeEmoji

With the dimensions (mm) of 119.70 x 62.30 x 11.70 (in layman term: Palm size/Small) and weight of 128g. How can you not find this portable? You can put inside your pockets without having the fear that it's too huge or dropping out as you sit. However, I am not used to having such a small screen thus my rating for this isn't that high.

4. CameraEmoji
Already quite disappointed that it does not have front camera (above picture shown how my expression was after knowing about it), the 5MP does not seem to help much. It does not have the focus function. I was so used to pressing in the middle to let my phone camera focus on the object and it turn out that there isn't even such function to begin with!
I could hardly take close up photo with this phone.
 And the second photo shows how it's supposed to be like (taken using my Samsung S4).

5. FeaturesEmoji
The keyboard was a bit small for my liking, but the emoji are so cute  
There is even Dual SIM 3G for you to switch your SIM cards easily and manage your data costs. You don't not need to bring 2 phones out in this case! All the necessary apps you need for your daily social life is also available on the Window Phone Store. And yes you can change the 'theme' and all to suit your taste!

Want a phone less than $200 (in fact is less than $160), try Nokia Lumia 530!

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