How to not gain weight at work

OFFICE work = spending close to 8 hours sitting in front of computer. 
And most of the time you got too tired after work to even hit the gym.

So how do I ensure that I do not gain weight while working?

#1: Walk Walk Walk

I made an effort to walk almost everywhere possible. From taking the longer route to office (or better still, run if you are running late), to making sure I will walk to refill my water bottle every now and then. I also walk quite a distance for lunch (but the delicious food there is part of the reason why did I even walk so far for them HAHA) so that I can exercise while at the same time digest my food better.

#2. Climb the stairs

I know it may sound ridiculous to climb all the way to 25th floor if your office is located all the way up. But why not start something small? Drop off at level 20 and walk up the stairs! Slowly increase the number of flight of stairs as time goes by and you will be surprised how your stamina increases too.

#3. Skip that drink or two

Especially in this hot weather in Singapore, you will definitely love to have a cup of cold drinks after meal, but hey, those are the ones that cause you to gain that extra pounds. But people like me needs to have lots of determination and motivation thus I am starting small by drinking only once a week. Also, the alcohols you have every Friday night is sure going to add onto the extra weight!! What's more, you will get drunk and make a mess if you drink too much so why trouble yourself HAHA.

#4 Pack your lunch

I am guilty of this, I am just way too lazy to prepare my lunch early in the morning when I can get that extra hours/minutes of sleep. But eating out isn't good especially when you order those fried chicken or oily chow ho fun. And trust me, home cooked food is always much healthier since you can control the amount of salt/oil being used. Thus, since I am so lazy to pack lunch, I will make an effort to have my dinner at home since I am already having my meal out for lunch.

#5 Healthier snacks

I know how our brains cannot function properly when we are feeling hungry (and tired lol). But office's snacks are always either biscuits or cookies, Thus, I made an effort to have fruits as snacks instead of those!

#6 Exercise

Last but not least, if you are having that extra time after work, hit the gym or even go for zumba classes!! Exercising helps to distress anyway and helps to lose weight so why not one stone kill two birds? 

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