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Remember the blogpost I did last year about “Why am I single?”. This year, I have found a solution for not being single any more.
Thanks to my friend for introducing me LunchClick, Singapore’s first female-centric app just for females just like me! This is not the first time I was being introduced to dating app but I have always been afraid to try it because I have realised how dating apps seems to be catering mainly to the men? Maybe it’s because things are built by men and thus we women don’t seem to get to enjoy such great experience.
So where do we start? 
Firstly, of course head to either Play Store or App Store to download the LunchClick app.

Secondly, log in with your Facebook account. 
They will use your data and look at your likes/dislikes to help their algorithm help you find better matches! But don’t worry, they know that privacy is important to you, and they will never post to your wall.
 Note how they require you to key in your NRIC, this is because they will really check against their database to ensure that no married people will be using this app. LunchClick is SDN accredited, which is why they’re taking this step to make sure that their users are genuine.
You know how it’s really annoying to be bombarded with tons of messages/questions by guys you have no interest with (and also creepy guys), but ha, this is the best part, guys can’t swipe endlessly to check female users which also means, GIRLS TAKE UP THE INITIATIVE! Btw one match per day so don’t play play HAHA.

Thirdly, unsure? Ask. 

Personal love consultant, Kate, is here to answer all your questions. But bear in mind that she is more active during working hours. So be patient if she is taking ages to reply your messages after working hour (because I am sure she has a life too).

Lastly, start chatting away!
Don’t just stay behind your phone screen throughout this whole process of getting to know each other. Dating app does not means dating through app! LunchClick has actually built in a ‘propose a date’ which can allows you guys to go from online to offline. Something like proposing a date out together in a less awkward situation! What’s the point of talking behind those screen when you can get to know each other better face to face? I really enjoy the conversations and interaction I have with my friends when I meet up with them and I find it much interesting and interactive than talking through text!

And guess what? The best news has yet to arrive!
The first 1000 users who use the “propose a date” feature on the app and go on a real life date will get their meals sponsored!! Think about all the good food you can have with him/her. 

I mean food is really something that can help to break the ice between two newly made friends so why not have a try? Whatever the turnout is going to be like, you have gained a friend so no harm anyway!

Wait no longer, download the app now on Play Store or App Store to have your next first date and meal sponsored by LunchClick!

Taking this opportunity to thank these two ladies, x
Emoji: Jia Jia
Emoji: Chelsea Teng  

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