Tips to survive for your internship

So recently I read the news about my school helping students to take up multiple internships (click here). Here is why you should thank your school for this great opportunity.

Because I am one of the handful that is up for second internship and I did. So let me guide you through my 2 internships and what have I gained from these two experiences.

Many people will label interns as 'cheap labour' because our monthly salary is just that pathetic $600 (or max $1000?), but since it's something compulsory (especially for polytechnic and university), we just have to live with it for that 6 months or so. 

I went through my first internship which is a compulsory thing for me to complete before I graduate. The company was being allocated by school and I couldn't be more grateful for being able to work in this company.

My second internship was self-sourced and it was after I have completed my final semester in school, thus some people might think that I am working as Part Timer but it was really an internship and even my company acknowledge me as intern.

Tips to survive for your Singapore internship

Before the internship

For my 1st internship, I did not require to go through any interview (which can be a good or bad thing). But I have to take a test which somehow test my speed in thinking and keying in the correct answers. 

It was stressful. 

I did not know how to do many of the questions and it's really like testing my IQ. But I was glad I still got into this company for my internship.

Lesson learnt: Not matter how difficult the situation might seems, never give up!

If you have to go through interview, which was what happened for my 2nd internship - DO YOUR BEST!! I repeat, do your best! I have heard stories about how students have failed their interview and they were being allocated to another company instead which prolonged the whole process (and sometimes the company isn't something you like or wants to work in in the end). Do not safely assume that whatever the school has assigned to you it will be a smooth journey ahead.

Some of you may not understand, school gave you the choice to choose your intern company (in some cases you will not be given a chance though). They will try their best to allocate you according to the list of companies you have chosen. But the problem is, does the company wants you to be working for them? They will need to interview you to understand more about your strengths and what you got to offer. Thus if you are not what they are looking for, you get rejected. So why waste your chance when you are so close to be working in the company of your dream?

Lesson learnt: Never underestimate yourself or the company.

Bonus tips: Dress smartly and when the interviewer ask "Do you have any questions for me?" ASK AWAY! But please do not ask stupid question. Prepare & Practice before the interview!!

During the internship

So congrats you are at the second stage. 
Blazer on first day of work? Optional.

I guess many of us will be nervous on our first day of work, the awkward introduction and all. So to better prepare yourself, formal dressing on your first day of work will be good. I would rather overdress (I mean how wrong can I go with formal shirt and skirt?) than under-dress. Better still, ask during your interview so that you know what to expect on your first day of work and if you are too shy to ask - just observe the way the interviewer dress!

I know how different companies treat intern really differently. Some companies will assign you with major roles although you are just an intern while some will just ask you to fetch coffees or photocopy stuff. No matter what, do remember you have a report to be submitted at the end of the internship. So try your best to learn from the company and figure out how to write your report (while pouring coffees maybe?).

And if you are lucky like me who got a chance to be having major roles rather than pouring coffees, you should really be thankful. I got a chance to learn something that the school will require you to learn it for one whole semester or maybe 3 years? And I learnt it within a day or so while being paid.

Well I am not asking you to quit school and start working right now but to see how internship is actually beneficial.

Bonus tips: ALWAYS ASK when you are unsure. And do not spend your time logging onto Facebook/Twitter/Instagram during office hour. Or keep texting and not doing work. It reflects so much about your personality and remember they are the ones assessing you at the end of the day!

End of internship

Remember to thank your colleagues/boss/supervisor for their kind guidance for they have to take care of you while having so much work on hand. You can now put in the skills and knowledge learned into your resume for your next job interview.

If you are interested to self-source for your internship Company or simply just want to gain another internship experience or whatsoever, try the portal to find your internship Singapore opportunity. All are welcome!! 

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