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I have been craving for Vietnamese food for a really long time ever since my Vietnam Trip 2 years back and maybe the most recent 1 day trip to Vietnam (due to flight delay). 
And I was overjoyed when Pho Street invited me for food tasting for their new menu!

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#B2-K6/K7 Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Tel: 6465 9925
Lemon Cooler with Peppermint & Basil @ $3.50
Passionfruit & Basil Mojito @ $3.50

Upon our arrival, we were being served with these two really refreshing drinks, best way to bet the hot weather in Singapore. Furthermore, because of the peppermint and basil inside, I felt cooler after drinking it. I personally feel that the passionfruit is a bit like drinking soft drinks since it is a bit gassy BUT overall it's really nice!!
Next up were the snacks and Pho Street was really generous to serve us so much food just for the 2 of us (P/S We felt full after eating the Vietnamese snacks lol).
Fresh Summer Rolls with Prawn, Pork Belly & Fresh Herbs @ $4.90

Almost the same as the ones I had in Vietnam and I faced the same problem AGAIN, couldn't bite off the spring roll skin. So in the end I have to separate the whole spring roll wts. Anyway Vietnamese are really healthy because they like to throw in lots of vegetables for you!

But what I like the most about this dish was the sauce that comes with it (in fact almost all the sauces they served were so good I just ate them on its own... kk I not weird). I was told this is made by the chief and they are currently not selling it individually at the moment   I hope they can sell this in bottles soon because it's just so amazing?!
Vietnamese Snack Platter (Crispy Fried Pork Rolls, Roasted Chicken Skewers, Vietnamese Crabcakes) @ $8.90

There were two different sauces being served as different snacks can dip into different sauce. Personally I love the pork rolls and it tasted a really crispy fried spring rolls. Chicken skewers may be a little bit common but with the sauce, it just brings out the unique flavour of it. Of course, the crabcakes, even people like me who seldom/doesn't like seafood thinks this is delicious it really mean it's delicious HAHA.
Crispy Fried Chicken Mid Wings served with Caramelized Sweet Dip @ $4.90

Love how they fried it so perfectly and I could eat it without trouble, You know it's the pain in the ass when you are wearing braces and the chicken just won't corporate with you and sticking onto its own bones... like for goodness sake just come out. But this just came off so easily and soft enough for me to chew (of course the skin are crispy!). Best served with sauce of course. 
 Sesame Rice Crackers with Fragrant Minced Meat and Spices Dip @ $6.90

Before I got to know this is sesame, I thought it was dragonfruit cracker lol but anyway I really love the minced meat! A bit spicy to Kris but for me it was perfectly fine and nice. The cracker is really light and crispy so it matches well with the meat.

After all the yummy snacks, we finally got to eat our main course!! And drumroll for my all time favourite Vietnamese food - Pho!! 
Pho Beef Combination @ $9.90

Although it tasted a bit different from the ones I had in Vietname (since Vietnamese like to throw in so much veggies and also we should always adapt to the local taste buds), I still pretty like this. Extremely like the rice noodles the most (with the soup of course!!). The slight differences will be the beef here. Since this is beef combination, they served beef balls, beef slices, beef shank, beef tendons and beef tripe. Which is not quite similar as the one I had in Vietnam (refer to the picture below).
See, what I meant by throwing in vegetables... and leaves lol.
Dry Rice Vermicelli with Roasted Pork Chop & Spring Roll @ $8.90

The same rice noodles that I like just that this time round it's dried with the roasted pork chop sauce. And also the same spring roll I mentioned on top HAHA. The only 'new' thing that I never try previously was the pork chop. I had difficulties in separating the pork at first but after which I got the hang out of it. And the pork wasn't as hard to chew as I expected which is good!
Cream of Mung Bean with Coconut Sauce & Crushed Peanuts @ $3.50

Ending the whole wonderful meal with this dessert. The first mouth I drank I thought I was having durians because it's quite thick but yet smooth. But as I drank the second mouth I realised it's not durians (phew) and yay to crushed peanuts inside the drink. It might be a bit hard to suck the dranks because it's thick (as I mentioned) but you should be fine HAHA.

And you can tell the food are at the really affordable range which makes me feels like I was really in Vietnam eating all these street food.

Once again thank you Pho Street and Mei Ping for hosting us!

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