Her Changing Room

Founded in 2014, Her Changing Room (HCR) is an e-commerce styling company providing a rental subscription service for all the ladies here. Just pay a monthly subscription fee and you get to have unlimited number of exchange of boxes within the month!

No more complaining you have nothing to wear, or no space in your wardrobe because HCR is here to solve problems like this.
How does it works?

  1. Firstly, do log onto their website to create an account (aka to become a member). But do note that only when you click onto 'Request Invitation' then you are officially their member.
  2. Let them know your fashion preferences by answering a few questions.
  3. You can let them know about your style by choosing the fashion merchandise you love in the styling room by clicking 'Like'.
  4. And tadah, start receiving your box in no time!

/it's really that simple.

What do you get in the box?
Choose between weekly subscription or monthly subscription and you get to own the apparels for 5 working days. What's more, free delivery and returns right at your door steps. Save you all the trouble of heading out to shop, having to squeeze with everyone (be in on public transport or in the mall) and sometimes ended up with something you don't even need.
Helvetica Black Pencil Dress Redux

And as I mentioned earlier, unlimited exchange service!! 
Because customer's satisfaction is their top priority. Thus, don't need to worry about re-wearing the same clothes ever again as it will be an entirely new box for you for every single exchange. And if something doesn't suit you, exchange exchange & exchange!
 I know how some of us might be worried that since it's renting the apparels, it means someone else has wore the clothes before and it might have some stains or damages without me knowing?! 
Well, don't panic, the team does multiple quality checks to ensure that what you receive has no damages and and all (as good as new). Yes, it means you can stop doing laundry too lol.
Try not to damage or stain the clothes, it's being rented to you after all. But in case you got drunk and accidentally spilled some wine over yourself, it's alright (super nice and understanding of the team). Because they won't charge you extra for that (in fact they don't even charge you as long as the damage is not very serious).
Ducantur Dorothy TPS

See something you like/wanna owe the pieces you have since it fits you perfectly?
You get to purchase the item at the subscriber rate (which is of course much cheaper).

However, if you think that all the pieces you have been receiving aren't to your liking, you can always unsubscribe. No obligations/commitments.
Right now, HCR is in collaboration with brands such as  Eureka Jewellery, Sovelle, Vivianlly and Raveizra to provide you with the latest trend of apparels and accessories. 

It's like receiving Christmas present every time HCR box arrives. As I won't know what is inside until I open it and cheers to no more thinking of what to wear everyday as they already help me in this. Plus I get to 'shop' at almost everywhere. Perks of online shopping! Also, they are really fast in replying thus you can ask them anything regarding your box.

I think it's really a good way to understand your own style more and know what you like/dislike through trying out different apparels.
Photoshoot with HCR recently, do like their Facebook page to know more about it!

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