Tips for NDP 2015

Few days to the actual National Day Parade and here are some of the tips to share with you.

Really thankful to be able to watch this year's (SG50) NDP preview as you know this year being Singapore's 50th birthday, I was being able to catch it live!! For those who are unable to make it for the live, don't worry, you can always watch it on TV (and I strongly encourage you guys to do it) because this year's one is going to be really touching and exciting.

Tip 1: Apply sunblock
I am one of the guilty one who always forgot to apply sunblock whenever I leave the house. And you know how Singapore's hot sun is going to damage your skin even more. The place I was seated at was just nice facing the hot sun. It's nice watching the sunset but definitely not nice to have the sun shinning onto your face for close to an hour.

Tip 2: Bring a mini fan or something to fan yourself at least
I died waiting under the sun while queuing to get inside Padang. The weather was insane and you won't want to get heat stroke even before NDP.

Tip 3: Dress for the weather
And continuing from Tip 2, you will want to dress appropriately for the weather. No jeans and long sleeves definitely, I felt sticky during the whole event although I was already wearing short sleeves and all.

P/S Most people will be dressed in red/white, so do dress close to those colours or else you will be quite outstanding (unless you want to be outstanding HAHA).

 Tip 4: Bring small bags

Since they will be giving you goodie bags, do bring along a small bag only if you really need to bring a bag. This is because there won't be much space inside since everyone is going to be sitting side by side. Plus the goodie bag have lots of things inside that will be required when you are watching the NDP anyway.

Tip 5: Eat a hearty meal before going in
(Seafood Laksa Pasta @ Criollo Cocoa Cafe)

Since the whole event is going to end at around 830pm and by the time you get to the nearest MRT station it will be 9+pm. You won't want to starve yourself from lunch until 9+pm and desperately looking for food (because chances are many others are going to be like this and you won't be able to find a seat). That was what happened to me and I couldn't even find seats at Lau Pa Sat so I ended up having McDonald's HAHA.

Tip 6: ENJOY
Enjoy this whole show and sing along session because who knows time passes so quickly and before you know, it will be the end of it!

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