Top 5 reasons why I fall in love with Korea

It has been 4 months since I last visited Korea but I still miss every bits of Korea and here are top 5 reasons why I fall in love with Korea.

365 days of cooling weather? Count me in! Instead of 365 hot summer like Singapore, Korea is very much cooling all the time as they have longer winter. In addition, their summer/spring is pretty cooling too so no more perspiring for no reason 24/7. I can walk all day and it's a great motivation to exercise more.

Although English is not their national/official language. And it's hard communicating with the locals when you can't speak even simple Korean, but I just love Korean. It seems so polite and maybe even vulgarities doesn't even sound like it? In addition, it's easy to learn as compared to other foreign languages which is a plus! 

Since Korean sounded more polite, the locals will naturally seems to be more polite as well HAHA. I can literally talk to random strangers on the street as if they are my friends. And did I mentioned the locals are really nice and willing to help (I can even make friends with the animals there too)?

Furthermore, I really like to see Koreans dressing up in Hanbok because it's part of their culture and they are so proud of it. It's like seeing Chinese wearing our Qi Pao but it's just quite saddening to know that lesser people are willing to wear that during Chinese New Year.

I can shop almost anywhere and there will always be some hidden gems waiting for me. I can shop from the flea market which can be found at random places like right below my hotel to a shopping mall a stone throw away. Rest assured that the items are going to be good quality and affordable price!

In case you didn't know, Myeongdong is a place where it has the most cosmetic products/brands in one street. Be sure to be spoiled for choices and be asked to go into different stores by the shop owners (they will be giving you free samples but you will have to listen to them talk about some cosmetic products which you may/may not be interested before leaving lol). Free things doesn't come so easily ok.

P/S Do shop at duty free shop for more discount and avoid having to queue for tax refund at the airport. It's because most likely you won't have enough time for the tax refund (due to long queue and slow process blahblah).

Saving the best for the last, and it's none other than FOOD.

Every meal with kimchi? Checked. Every morning with banana milk? Checked.
I can reassured that I won't starve in Korea. Every meal in Korea was the most difficult part in my life because I have way too many choices! I wished I can spend more time in Korea to try out more of their specialties because you know, I have to make choices... Food taste extremely good and I don't feel fat after eating due to the kimchi I have. What a good way to lose weight/not gain weight and at the same time I can eat as much as I want.

My most favourite meal I had in Korea will be the fried chicken delivery (mentioned in this blog post). And I totally changed my impression of fried chicken ever since then (I used to dislike it because it's usually dry and tasteless). Thank you Korea for this wonderful experience!

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