How did I pass my manual driving with one try

Before the start of learning driving:

I was overwhelmed when I know I turned 18 because it means I am finally legal to learn driving! I felt so grown up (although I was just 18 lol) and I applied for my lesson within one month of me officially turning 18.

So what are some of the things you should be aware of before you enroll/start your lesson?

The reputation of the school
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Imagine a school with a good reputation, and most people say that you will sure pass etc as compared with a school famous for being very strict in marking and thus the passing rate is lower. Which one do you think you will have more confident in succeeding? It all lies down to our own thinking and believes, which actually affects our performance during the test.

But in actual fact, they might be all so strict OR it depends on fate actually HAHA.
Thoughts > Emotions > Actions

So I was quite glad when people tell me that the school I applied for has high passing rate because it actually boost my confident level throughout the whole process.

The distance from school to your home
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You think this isn't an issue since Singapore is small and usually by taking public transport, you will reach almost every part of Singapore in no time. But then again, you should know why you got lazy travelling from one end to the other after a while.

Imagine staying in the east and having to travel to the west for lesson. And since this isn't like school where you have fixed time table, there is basically no one to push you to go to the driving centre to learn. It doesn't really matter whether you or don't go. Thus losing motivation too.

I started off feeling really excited after learning driving, but then when you know you have to learn the same thing over and over again for few months, you started to feel bored of it. Driving seems to be such a chore after which. Which is why you need to find a school that is near your house so that you won't lose motivation totally.

And since I wanted to get my license really quickly, I basically had my lessons almost every single day and usually I will pick non-peak hour (which is either really early or late) for my lessons, WHICH IS WHY IT'S IMPORTANT TO PICK SOMEWHERE NEAR. Or else I wouldn't be able to rush to get my license also.

The cost
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Money Money Money.

We are all given a choice to choose between school (aka driving centre) or private each with their own pros and cons. Some says school have higher passing rate as compare to private students. But for private, the meet up location for them might be much more convenient than having to go to school. However, school have compulsory lessons for your theory test which is why they will push you to score well in it.

P/S Please make good use of this and even request for tutoring session to clarify all your doubts. 
An advice from someone who score full marks for both BTT and FTT.

Of course for school fees wise, private will be cheaper, but if you were to fail your practical test (touch wood), then you might ended up spending around the same as those who have their lessons in school. 
But then again, no one says those who learn it in school will sure pass.
However, back to the point regarding the thoughts, emotions & actions, I believed if you can convince yourself, everything is possible.

Also, since you are aware of the fees that you are paying (do know that the temporary driving license, Qualified Driving License, QDL, they issued has expiry date and you will need to pay for it again when you want to extend it) which is a great motivation for you to complete your lessons ASAP and also pass with one try.

Don't ever drag until your Qualified Driving License (QDL) expire because this is an unnecessary additional money that you are paying. 

During the exam/test:

Do not ever scared yourself or think negatively!!
Do all the necessary things you need to get yourself ready for the test at least one day before. Get enough rest and LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS DURING PRACTICAL TEST.

I know how we will get really nervous because:
1. We know this is the test
2. Fail = that's it, have to wait like a month or more for retest = waste of time & money
3. The examiner looks fierce
4. Thinking what if he/she hates me
5. What if the car don't want to listen to me
6. Shit, it seems like I have forgotten how to drive
7. And other nonsense......

This is why I recommend extra lesson before your test to at least get yourself ready and prepared. Try not to think so much during the test, just listen to instructions, relax and remember how to control the vehicle lol. Most importantly, be polite and also dress appropriately.

P/S Another good tip is to choose a non peak period/timing for your test or else you are just going to stuck in the jam or whatsoever which makes you even more nervous.

I had this fierce looking tester which actually made me kinda nervous at first, but then again he seems nice as he didn't comment much throughout the whole test, so well okay, not bad, I passed haha. Always calm yourself down people!

Wishing you guys all the best for your driving lessons & tests!

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