The Usual Place

Another reason why there is no need for me to travel to town for good food. Thanks to The Usual Place located at Chinese Garden (which is a stone throw away from the MRT and my secondary school). At first when my friend suggested it to me I sort of read it online before thus the name of the shop wasn't foreign. But not my friend, R.

XY: "Guys, want to eat at The Usual Place?"
Me: "Okay I don't mind, heard that it's nice."
R: "We have an usual hangout place??"


Anyway to make sure you guys get a seat fast, try not to come in a super big group as the area is kinda small. Good for 3-5 people? Also all your guests have to be presented before you get the table (don't be like me arrive early but ended up having to wait outside for all of them to arrive). It was full house when I reached but the customers finished their dinner pretty fast thus we were able to get our table quite quickly too.
A few of the items that we ordered. Honestly can't believed we don't need to pay for GST or service charge as their service is just so cozy and super nice. I could feel it from the moment I was waiting to get my seat till I left the shop. 

We all agreed that was the best truffle fries we ever had (although I don't really like how small the fries were BUT no one is perfect so ya). I remembered how I had my truffle fries at skinny pizza and the truffle oil is not even evenly mixed?? I paid not to have my fries half truffle oil and half normal vegetable/whatever oil. The Usual Burger tasted not bad, my friend didn't really like her Aglio Olio (have no idea but it's so cheap wts) and I like the salad side for my Black Pepper Chicken.

P/S I heard salted egg prawn is good too and it's a pity I don't eat prawns. 
Zesty Lemon Meringue really tasted like....lemon HAHA. It's sour and lot of lemon sauce (?) in between, good for people who like sweet and sour pastry. I personally prefer the chocolate one, as it has strawberries and nuts. Although it's a bit too thick, the side of the tart makes everything taste so much better.
 S'more Waffles @ $7.50
Best dessert among all. Love how they are so generous with their ice creams scope as it seems like quite a few mouths before the ice cream is gone. Plus, the ice cream is a really good match with the waffle, although it's not the best waffle I had but it's still delicious. I like the middle part of the waffle where the melted ice cream will be on the waffle and ahhh brb food coma right now.

The Usual Place
346 Jurong East St 31 #01-73

Opening Hour:
11AM-10PM (Close on Monday)

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