Warriors of all burgers

Get ready people and bring out your inner samurai as warriors of all burgers are back!
And this time they are back better and stronger.
Attended a preview tasting session which means I was one of the first few to taste these delicious burgers before everyone else + having an enjoyable time there.

A heads up for you guys:
McDonald’s Singapore will be serving the well-loved Beef Samurai Burger and Chicken Samurai Burger (for a limited of time from 15 October 2015). But they will also be having the Golden Beef  Samurai Burger and Golden Chicken Samurai Burger along too (starting from 29 October 2015).

I can totally understand why is it well-loved because for me it was love at first sight bite, it actually makes me feel healthier despite eating you know, fast food.

What is so special about the Golden Samurai Burgers? 
There will be grilled pineapple ring insideEmoji
A refreshing burst of sweetness (and warning: do not ever eat the pineapple on its own) in between toasted oat bran buns. Which explains the shape.
I actually used folk and knife to eat my burgers at McDonald, because why not? (Actually I just don't want to dirty my hand) But then again, since McDonald is being so generous with their sauce, you might want to eat it with caution so that you don't dirty your shirts while eating them haha.

Complete your Samurai experience with (your all time favourite) Seaweed Shaker Fries and the all-new Mocha flavoured McFlurry (@ $2.90) with caramelised biscuits – a delicious blend of soft serve, crunchy, buttery cookies, and coffee flavour. 

I don't know what McDonald has done to their fries but it's definitely much nicer and crispier as compared to those I had it a while back. And I totally love their amazinggggg Mocha McFlurry please have this in the store forever Emoji

I would definitely head back for more! Thank you OMY & #mcdsg for having us and also for those free vouchers to fulfill my wish HAHA. 

On a side note, McDonald's Singapore will be celebrating McHappy Day on 1 November, and in conjunction with this, McDonald's Singapore (@mcdsg) will be donating S$1 from every purchase of a Strawberry sundae to help raise funds and bring love, hope & courage to children and families supported by the Ronald McDonald's House Charities.

To find out more about RMHC Singapore, check out their website! #mchappydaysg

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