Criollo Cocoa Cafe

A while back I got the privilege to learn latte art once again thanks to Criollo Cocoa Cafe. This cafe is not located at the usual cafe hopping place and if you were to look from the outside it look pretty much like a restaurant instead. But then again who knows what is inside if you never step into it?
Portobello Burger With Fries @ $12.90
A vegetarian burger because it's actually mushroom in between. I thought it was beef so I was kinda excited for this dish but when I realised it's mushroom my heart sank HAHA. The feeling of taking a raisin biscuit thinking it's chocolate chip. Same thing. But I like the fries (in fact I love fries) so it sort of make things better.
Piperade @ $12.90
Basically runny eggs with tomato and crusty bread. Something pretty simple and I feel that it's kind of watery to be put on the bread (in my opinion).

Seafood Laksa Pasta @ $16.90
Best dish I had since it's laksa (just realised how much I love fatty and oily food gosh) and it's with pasta! Which is pretty unique and local since our pasta is usually with cream or tomato sauce. And I totally love this laksa pasta although it's filled with prawns lol.
So in the midst of enjoying our food, we got selected first to learn latte art. Not my first time learning but the only different is that this time round I really got to learn right in front of those machines. Which is like learning everything from scratch.
The barista showed us once on how to pour the milk, the drawing etc and then we are left to do it on our own. Honestly I have zero confident in getting the design on it since I don't even know whether I will pour it the right way. But thank goodness she was kind enough to guide me whenever I felt unsure and also helped me along the way.
The final result of our latte art lesson. It was a time well spent learning from the expert!

After which we are back to enjoy the desserts that were being served.
Chocolate Waffles @ $14.90
Sadly the desserts were pretty disappointing. Firstly the waffle is not crispy enough, secondly the ice cream tasted like those that you can get at the roadside. But I guess they complemented it with strawberries and macaroon which is not too bad.
Waffles with fruits & ice cream
Same thing again, but this time it's fruits on top which is good since they served my favourite fruits. Personally think that the original flavour of waffle is better than the chocolate one though.

Once again thank you Criollo Cocoa Cafe & Nuffnang for being such a great host!

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