People you hate seeing on Carousell

I have been posting some Carouhell experience here but then again there are way too many people you will hate seeing on Carousell. I have compiled some of the messages I received for the past few months to show you how annoying it is.

The Lowballer:

Not sure if this person was just trying her luck in bargaining or what... but if you think this is a fish market, you need to think twice about it. And sometimes I received offers that is less than half the price of my items, which very much makes me wanna rage.

The Consider-me-guy/girl:
Because if nobody is buying, consider selling it to me at less than half the price maybe?
I don't understand why will you want to purchase this if your air ticket is less than $615 anyway.

The Adele's fan:
Hello, it's me.
I was wondering after all these years you'd like to buy my item.
Hello, can you hear me?
I am in California dreaming about what are you trying to say to me.

Deal or No Deal:

"Deal or no deal up to you"
I am not begging you to buy it anyway.

Why can't you be like them?:

Two major mistakes:
1. What is your best price?
2. Others are selling cheaper.

You are shooting yourself in the face because no one should ever say 'another shop is selling cheaper' to the shop owner for a very simple reason. 

When my BEST PRICE is as listed. Why on earth will I list an item for (e.g.) $100 and wait for someone to ask me for my BEST PRICE so that I can lower it to $30????
Like no, no one is that stupid.

I like to cancel as and when I want:
This person initially wanted quite a number of items from my listings and after which she has been cancelling her orders for the past few days (fickle minded I know). I know there is no obligation that you need to purchase from me after saying you are interested but hey, stop wasting each other's time. So ya hehehe I am really sorry you are on this list too young lady.

RIP English:
I know how 'want' and 'one' may sound alike but please, you are making me confused at times.
P/S Not saying my English is super good but then again I don't spell 'one' as 'want'.

The Out-of-the-blue guy/girl:
I believed he meant SCAMMER lol.

Trust me, I won't run:
I am very sincere and I won't run away but I won't be making full payment.
I am very SINCERE, trust me. I don't need to make payment to proof it.
The only way to show you are sincere in buying? Make payment. I am not asking you to sell your whole house to proof it to me lol.

The Demand for everything guy/girl:
Because you have to listen to ME and go MY way. ME ME ME.

The I-am-bored guy/girl:
Not that I cannot take joke or what but this affects the both of us. I don't take responsibility once after I drop your mail into the mailbox and I was asking you to check the right address, not whether my handwriting is nice or not.

The last minute back out:
Honestly don't get the "you will make a loss then it's okay" part. Of course if I make a loss it's okay for you.
But at least she is nice enough to tell me she is not meeting me later but I just hate last minute back out, last minute plan cancel or anything last minute shocking (unpleasant) thing.

Took ages to reply:
I very much wanna buy from you but you know, I can't possibly wait for you to reply and not look for others right? Anyway Carousell is on web too btw.

Okay that's all for now, I guess there are too many for me to list down anyway so I might come back with more haha.

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