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Attended a food tasting few days back at Breeks @ City Square Mall for their Christmas special meal. Honestly regret having lunch before going as the food they served were so yum! 

I have no idea when did I started liking mushroom soup (because I don't really like mushroom on its own) and btw Breeks serve really good mushroom soup! It's thick and creamy unlike those I had outside, which is definitely a plus point! 
Roasted Turkey @ $21.90++
If you are not a fan of turkey you will find this dish kinda dry (but turkey are dry) and the meat is a bit tougher. But then the chefs in Breeks are thoughtful enough to come out with cranberry sauce for you so that the meat won't be that dry! Personally love their fries and I am actually okay with the turkey meat despite wearing braces. So guys, don't complain so much haha.
Seafood Parcel @ $27.80++
The staff at Breeks are very thoughtful I must say and they really put themselves into the customers' shoes. Can you imagine heading out for a dinner date with your partner and you have to actually use hands to eat this. How unglam! Everything on the plate can be eaten with fork and knife aka without using your bare hands. Which is why they served river prawns instead of crabs!
Brownies with Salted Caramel

My favourite - dessert! Since there is this saying "There's always room for dessert", which is why even though I was quite full already I can finish this whole piece by myself. Love how the sea salt and salted caramel mix together which is not too sweet for my liking. Definitely worth the try!

The Christmas dishes are only available from 16 Dec 2015 to 3 Jan 2016 and what's more it's halal☺️
Try it at your nearest outlet today (City Square Mall/Ngee Ann City).

Thank you Breeks and Tiffany for the invite!

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