How to prepare for your 21st

Throwing a PARTY (literally) is so easy!

I know I am not the best person to advice you on how to prepare for your 21st birthday party since I only started doing it 1+ week prior to my party date (like some shotgun birthday lol). I did my research within a very short period of time and I am glad everything turned out fine. 

So here are the list of things that helped me to prepare for my party.

You can't do much when you don't have a budget to work with. For instant, if you are willing to spend more, then you know what kind of places you can search for (and most likely it will be easier for you to do you planning). But if you are on a tight budget, then of course you have to do a bit more research.

Date & Time
To kick start the whole planning process, of course you will need to know which date you want to hold your party and the timing (it affects the kind of food you are serving). My date and timing wasn't very much of a choice, more like I was 'forced' to take that timing and date because the date I wanted was fully booked. And thus I had to have my party 2 weeks before my actual day. Find a date that you think most people can make it, of course you cannot have a date that everyone on your guest list will be able to make it (don't feel dishearten if people 'reject' your invitation). Of course find a date that you can make it (duh). Try to have the day occupied with ONLY YOUR PARTY and not having to run from point A to point B or else you will be so tired (e.g. having work/school in the morning and having your party in the evening).
(Note: I worked hand in hand with location searching process)

I started off with location but some people will start off with planning their guest list. Whichever way works best for you. I search for location first because December is a peak period and it's kinda hard to find a location that is available at your preferred date in such a short and urgent notice. So I was thinking to myself that if I fail in searching for a suitable location, I will not organise one.

Also, finding a location can better help me to plan my guest list. For instant, if my location can only hold 30 pax, I won't be asking 60 friends to attend. So I know who I should invite and all. Try to find a location that is easily accessible so that your guest won't have a hard time finding it (and won't be late too haha).

Guest List
Now I know how many pax can the venue hold, I list down the people I would like to invite for my party. As much as I would like to invite everyone I know, I know this is impossible. Firstly, limited space. Secondly, it's actually quite tiring sending out messages inviting your friends because I almost gave up halfway. While preparing for the guest list, do have in mind the theme for your party so that you can let your guest know about it.

P/S You can either choose to design the e-card or just send out WhatsApp message.

By now you should know the timing you are going to start your party at. Let's say you are having it around afternoon, plan for lunch or tea. If it's evening, then plan for the dinner. Food is a great way for people to mingle around and I think it's kinda weird not having food at a party. Best if your location able to provide food so that you don't need to source for it (e.g. Cafe, Bars).

Also, it need not necessary be catering. Pizza, sushi or even your own home cooked food can be a great party food! I had a very bad experience with 2 catering companies (not to name them but they appear on the first page of Google search lol), the staff are pretty rude and sigh, you can't complain much when you need their service. 

It's important to take note of your guest special dietary so that everyone gets to eat and enjoy at your party. Please don't over order food or under order, if you are having around 40 guests, try to have the catering that is suitable for 30 people (unless all your guest can eat a lot). Because most of the time the guest don't eat that much and the catering will give slightly more than what you order.

How can we call a birthday party without a birthday cake? It was a pain in the ass searching for cakes and cupcakes because there are way too many choices! Some people mentioned that you should try the cakes first before ordering but then again, to me, how bad can chocolate taste right? So I happily skipped that step lol. But you should really have a tasting session especially when your cake is going to be those unique flavours. Glad mine turned out fine and nice because of these group of nice people that helped to rush my orders in time!

If you are wondering where I got mine, I got them at Mad4Bakes.

Decoration, I tried to keep things simple thus I don't have a backdrop, but having balloons only. You can also prepare a playlist to be played at your party. It will be good if you have photo booth too (but then again, moneyyy) since there will be professional photographer to capture this special moment.

I missed out this when I was planning for my party but then again, be prepared to take taxi/car after the party as you will be receiving so many presents that you can't even hold them and take the public transport. So do have your family members/friends to help you so that you can go home in peace. Lesson learnt from my own party because I totally forgotten about the present part and I was glad my parents helped me so much (which include us throwing in all the balloons into the car boot because we have no time to deflate them).

Thanks to Uber, I got the discount code for my friends which enable them to travel for (almost) free!

All in all I hope you have fun preparing for your party and also enjoy yourself on the day itself. I might have missed some steps but I hope you roughly get the idea. Have fun! x

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  1. Having recently planned a birthday party for my daughter, I know first-hand how difficult it is, but you make it look simple. I guess it is, if you know what your doing. Great job as a young person, taking on this task and completing it, without relying on someone else. Hope the party went well.

    Teri Harris @ Caiger And Co. Catering

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment! I hope your daughter's birthday party turn out well too :) It's really nice to be able to plan for your child's party :')