10 Things you need to know about braces

Since many of you have been asking me about my braces, I decided to have a post to describe fully (I hope) about the whole process and answer all your frequently asked questions!
I am left with a month or so before removing them so I will write another post after I remove them (I guess lol). For now, these are the information I know.

How much did you spend on your braces?

I spent around $4-$5k. I got my wisdom tooth extracted under operation and this cost way more than if you were to extract them at the clinic itself. The good thing about my dentist is that he mentioned about the price right at the start. For example, after looking through everything, and asking what kind of braces I want to do (I chose traditional braces aka the metal ones, which is the cheapest one lol), he will let me know the cost (e.g. $4k). So all I have to do is whenever I go for dental appointment, I pay a sum (e.g. $150) until I reach $4k. After which, I am technically going for free. I reached my 'maximum' in a year and my dentist was still so patient and took really good care of my teeth even though I was going there for 'free'. Which is better than those that requires you to pay whenever you visit them, resulting in you trying to skip/drag a dental appointment and lost count in how much you pay for your braces?!

Operation Location: Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
Dental Location: Bt Batok

How long did you have your braces on?

I took around 2+ years (ya 1+ years of 'free' consultation HAHA, 2+ cause right now idk when will I remove them yet). But different people will take their braces out at different timing. If your teeth move really fast and obedience, you might be able to take them out really quickly. However, if you are the ones that always skip your dental appointment then chances of you taking it out longer is higher. Or if you have some other problems like there is a need to shift your jaw etc, it will much longer time too (and maybe additional surgery!)

Was it painful?

Yes. Definitely. I will be lying if I were to say it's pain-free. If you read my previous post regarding my braces (here) you will know how I almost cried after the operation. It was so painful that I don't know if that's the pain I will go through next time I give birth lol. Every month, after visiting my dentist, I can't really bite onto hard solid food (e.g. biscuit) for around 2 days. Because he will always tighten them and making it painful AGAIN. But you will get used to that and soon forgot about the pain after day 2.

Which retainer is better? Clear VS Metal.

I was told there is another retainer which is the non-removable retainer. Something like having braces for life. Which is something I don't want to have since it will be inside my mouth forever. Anyway I am left with a month or so till I take out my braces so maybe I can post more about it when I take it out & update this question again?

Take note that you will need to wear your retainer (for life) to keep the shape. How wonderful.

How often do I need to visit my dentist?

Well, different braces you choose will have a different 'timing'. Also, some dentist may ask you to go back and visit them more frequent due to some issues? Best to speak with your dentist to know more about it. But for traditional braces, usually I will have to go back once a month. I know some can last for around 4-6 months before visiting your dentist again.

How many times must I brush my teeth?

With or without braces, you should brush your teeth twice a day. But for healthier teeth, brush after your meals too (but not directly after your meals). I have to use two different toothbrush during my braces journey because our normal toothbrush cannot brush those brackets. And food always stuck in between sigh. Brush them or else your teeth will become yellow when you remove your braces.

Food to avoid?

Apple. Definitely apple. I haven't been biting onto an apple on its own ever since I got my braces on. You can still bite onto pear and all those if they are soft or else your bracket will come off. Anything sticky is not good too. Try to avoid gassy drinks as they might cause your bracket to come off easily. Some people avoid vegetables since it's more prone to be stuck. In fact, at the start, everything I eat (even noodles) also got stuck in between the brackets. So ya, this iz life.

Purpose of rubber bands?

The rubber bands you see in some of our mouths are not those usual rubber bands you use at home. Our rubber bands have unique names to label them. Some are thicker and stronger than others. They serve different purpose but most of the time, it's to move your teeth faster and pull them closer. Or change the shape of your jaw etc. Put it if you want to suffer get your teeth done faster.

What is a good age to put on braces?

I am not an expert in this but there is a saying, there is no age limit in putting braces. But then again, you are like >40 years old, I will suggest you not to opt for metal braces, maybe those invisalign braces? (Actually why you wanna put on braces at that age haha). I will suggest putting it on only after your wisdom teeth are out. Chances are, your teeth will shift once your wisdom tooth starts growing out. Which is quite wasted? Like dude, you did your teeth nicely and then you have them shifted due to your own wisdom tooth. But some say do it and a younger age so that your teeth is more 'obedience'. Well, if you like to wear retainers for longer period of time, why not.

Do you think I should put on braces?

If possible, try NOT to put on braces. Unless your jaw is horrible or your teeth is really bad in shape. If not, I don't really recommend people to do it. Reason being? After braces, your teeth is not as strong as before. Chances of us having our teeth drop out when we grow old is higher (I think), since we forced our teeth to move into a shape we want them too. Also, we extracted some teeth along the way. We are removing healthy teeth when they did nothing wrong, resulting in you having lesser teeth than your peers lol. 

Ending this post with my huge ass face.

I hope I have answered some/most of your concerns and feel free to ask more (since I don't know if I covered all) if you have any!.🖐🏼

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