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It has been close to 8 months since I last did something to my hair (that requires chemical). And the reason being I took so long to post up this post because I don't want to share something just because it was good at the start. So I took some time off to evaluate before posting this.

So to update you guys a little, I did a soft rebonding with The Comb Hair Studio last year (time flies) and I would like to share with you guys about it!

The salon is pretty hard to find for first timer so I do suggest you guys to use GPS or maybe ask around because I had a hard time walking around trying to find the location. But the interior of the shop makes it stands out from the rest of the shop so hopefully it will be easier for you guys also!

Upon arrival, I was given a menu to choose a drink, and me being me, chose Earl Grey. It's really nice of them to serve drinks since we all know how long it can be to rebond/perm your hair. And I don't want to die of thirst. Anyway, the interior of the shop is gorgeous + modern and it makes me wanna stay there longer (which means I actually don't mind sitting there for hours just to do my hair).

After analysing my hair condition, Henry Yu, the senior stylish at The Comb proceed to do the rebonding of my hair. Okay I made a huge mistake to bleach my hair last year which cause my hair to be in a bad condition so rebonding it = causing more damage?! But I must say Henry and team did a really good job because months later, the rebond still kinda stay!

I like how I was being treated like a princess (personal hair stylist and all) and well taken care of throughout the whole rebonding in the salon. Not to sugar coat The Comb but I really like how they wash my hair. I never had a great experience with ANY salon that washes my hair properly and gently? Some made me feel like my scalp was peeling after washing as if they were scrubbing clothes (and treating my hair as the washing board??). They are all very professional in what they are doing and I did not have to worry about anything because I know I was in good hands. Even the small tiny details are taken care of, so JUST DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH MY HAIR HAHA.

Let me show you guys some photos to show you a before and after rebonding.

After I bleached my hair, I dyed it black but the colour came off after a week or so....

The first photo in this post is the hair condition after a few days.
And this photo taken last year December. As you can tell my hair still looks like they just did rebonding after 4 months! I still get questioned by my friends whether I just did rebonding but in actual fact, my last rebonding was like few months back.

Usually I will be able to tell from my hair after 6 months that I need another rebonding but this time round, my hair is still quite straight after 6 months (in fact 8 months as of now).

And the most recent one - taken last month. LIKE WHUTT. My hair is still straight??! 

Anyway I decided to cut my hair short few weeks back and damn, although it's not as straight as before, as least it's still kinda straight which I am happy about HAHA. But can't wait for my hair to grow out and do something to it again. Would definitely want to go back again to do my hair if I get a chance :)

Thank you The Comb Hair Studio!

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