Because I am a blogger and I should get FREE stuff

Nowadays everyone is proclaiming that he/she is a blogger just because they own a blog. And I guess it's no surprise to you regarding the ugly saga about blogger(s) demanding/asking for free stuff (you can read more here). But I didn't expect myself to face any of them.

This is in fact another CarouHell experience but a not so serious one.

So I got this message recently from this 14 years old girl. It looks very much like a template message (or in fact it is) but I didn't want to appear rude and all, thus I replied. BIG MISTAKE TO DO THAT.
Anyway I bullshit the company thingy but I was telling my friend how my family members are always helping me to meet buyers when I am not free. Which make it a 'family business' lol. And I should have phrased my message properly. It sounded like I am able to provide her something (e.g. a shirt?) but not many (e.g. 10 shirts?) so it sounded like I was giving her that tiny hope (that she kept holding onto).

Lol "job opportunity" - you are taking MY MONEY & MY STUFF how is this a job for me?

Okay so basically I want to see what she claimed is true?? 500 unique views daily....when she only have that one post. Which is why I proposed a promo code for her. I was thinking to myself, if there is at least one person using her promo code then I guess it's not a bad idea to work with her in the future lol.

Don't call me BABE or BRO when I don't even know you?? I really hate it when random people just 'Babe' me on Carousell..... Do we look like we are having a very good relationship right here on Carousell? Eh no?

Of course you are keen... if you are not even keen, will you even message me first? You made it sound like I approached you to advertise for me and then I offer you with such ridiculous offer?? Get your facts right. 

So now you approach me to SPONSOR you stuff is not at my EXPENSE? I don't even know what kind of benefits will I get from sponsoring you in the first place. It will totally be my loss!! And what harm can you get in typing a few words? Zero. Unless you say I am wasting your laptop battery or something? Because you are not even that famous right now (okay not like I am famous too lol my life. But the key word right now as I don't know what will happen to you tomorrow), you are not even directing any sales to me if you were to mention my shop on your blog. 

Charging at such ridiculous rate when you have nothing to proof. First and foremost, you should at least show a screen shot of your month/daily blog view if you can boast about them. If not, your blog should at least show something to convince others. I checked through your social media platform (only Instagram was provided & you have no Twitter wow...), and I must say, it's not even convincing enough for me to pay $80-$120. 

And here are more reasons on why I won't pay/sponsor you:

Instagram followers: 459. Are you even above 1000? No.

So she mentioned in the first message that she has 9k view as of date. In case you don't know what a Hit Counter does. Let me explain to you. Basically the number increase as you refresh the page. So someone (I am not saying you) could have been sitting in front of the screen and refreshing your blog for hours to reach 9k (or your so called 'daily 500 views') for you. It does not proof anything special because it might just be that 1 or 2 people refreshing your page a lot of times.

(as of 13 April 2016)

I find this super hard to believe especially when there is no proof. Anyone can be writing how many unique views they get in a day but what's the point right? I tried to check her daily view through some other website but unfortunately it can't be found or data insufficient.

Can't believed I am actually spending effort on your blog. I am sure I increased that hit counter for you in the past few days lol. So I guess you have 20k view till date now??

With only 2 posts, it's kinda hard for us to judge. I know how you started a new blog aka this one but then again do I look like I read your post from the previous blog? No.

Anyway I made it clear that she can find me in the future to end off the conversation nicely but I must have forgotten to include a full stop after the word 'Thanks' because she explains non-stop. *roll eyes*

BTW If anyone is keen to sponsor her, you can really chat with her.

This is not the first time I encountered someone asking for sponsorship or to work with them and I must say hers is the most demanding one.

An example of a nicer message/person:
And she did proof it in her blog (blogpost). Although I am not sure if those competitions are legit or what but at least there is something for others to see or judge for ourselves. P/S I didn't do much research for hers.

I replied the same thing, suggesting a promo code.

And voila she posted on her blog and shared with me!! 
I was actually quite happy to meet people like her (not because of free advertising because I NEVER worry about advertising for my shop anyway) but the fact that she did not complain or demand like this 14 years old girl. Which makes me want to work with her more in the future. This is the kind of bloggers/writers that companies will want to work with. Be humble and show/proof what you have or what you can offer. And not DEMANDING what we can offer to you.
Okay that's all for now. Cheers.

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