Expressions Detonix-S Treatment

My finals has just ended and guess what did I gained (besides knowledge)?


Can't believed I actually gained weight in such a short period of time. However, it was no surprise. All I did for the past one month was eat > study > sleep and repeat. There wasn't anytime left for me to exercise and the longest route I walked was probably from my room to kitchen on a daily basis.

Thank God for 
Expressions Detonix-S Treatment.

Detonix is a revolutionary treatment for body contouring regime. It removes toxicity from fat cells and gives you a toned, firm and tight body. The whole process is totally painless and safe (and in fact it's actually very relaxing!)

Before the treatment, the specialist took my measurements and also gave me a brief introduction of the whole treatment. Reality hit me hard at the moment when I see the numbers on the weighting machine HAHA.

How this works is that they will apply patented formula cream, followed by wrapping you with multi-polar thermal blanket to achieve the contour body. So it's important to head to the washroom before this treatment as you don't want to hold your pee for 30-45 mins. It was so comfortable that I actually fell asleep during the whole treatment and only got woken up by my perspire that was dripping on my face lol. The specialist will also pop by once in a while to check on you.

It felt like I was running for 30 mins straight but all I did was lying down for 30 mins HAHA. Honestly 45 mins should be the max because it got so warm after which and the perspiration is kinda gross. I was stuck with them for a good 45 mins. So it was super refreshing to be free from them. 

I thought I sweated a lot but in the end it was only this little....sigh.
The more you perspire the better it is, so this treatment is good for those who will perspire a lot.

And tadah, I actually slim down quite a bit within that 30-45 mins. Amazing. I do feel lighter after the treatment as I got rid of some of the water retention in my body. However, do drink lots of water after the treatment because you will be so thirsty after the treatment!!
Thank you Expressions for allowing me to be back in shape!

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