Ma On Shan

Ma On Shan

🚩 Starting Point: Ma On Shan Barbecue Area
🌄 Difficulty Level: 🌋🌋
🕒 Time: Around 2 hours

Getting there:
We took a cab from Ma On Shan MTR station all the way to the BBQ area and slowly walk our way up. Basically there is a bus that brings you guys up and it cost around HKD 7 but there is a certain timing. We missed the bus and we ended up spending more money on cab. #actonerich

Things to note:
1. Dress Appropriately
I went during winter and everywhere is cooling so I didn't mind hiking. But do note that you do perspire even in winter. So I ended up carrying my cardigan cause it was starting to become warmer as I hike further. 

2. Hike As  A Group
It's important to go as a group and don't be like my cousin and I. After hiking we heard from the news how dangerous it's to hike in such a small group. Robbers could have just target us and get away in such a breeze. Although I will be wary of my surroundings, sometimes it will come unexpected.

3. Drink Up
Bring some small snacks if you tend to get hungry easily. Chances are you won't be finding any shops that sells food or drinks. And even if there is, it will be quite a distance. It's also important to hydrate yourself throughout the hike.

4. Watch Where You're Going
This tip will only be useful for Ma On Shan as this place has the most number of cows (have no idea why). Do keep a look out of where you are heading to. Chances are you will be stepping onto some poops..... and surprisingly, those poops have no smell HAHA. Do not touch or play with the cows as you might not know what the heck they will do to you.

I was luckily enough to watch people paragliding that day and managed to catch some good shots. They are not always there by the way so it really depends. We didn't hike all the way and we made a u-turn after reaching this so called "top". So I am not too sure where it's supposed to end. 

Anyway this place has a really gorgeous view and almost everywhere seems to be good for a photo shoot. There are actually couples coming up here just to take their wedding shots. And apparently people like to come up here for camping too. Heard there is a campsite somewhere but didn't managed to find it. There are some rocky road so it's not exactly a smooth road throughout but it's alright I guess because it's not even scary.

I would definitely want to go back here as this is a good place to bond with your friends/family members while hiking (without feeling extremely tired). Furthermore this place has such a beautiful view that makes all photos looks 10 times better.

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